Speaking "We specialise in advanced technology for counting and packaging solutions. Jelba is the B2B Online Specialist. Together we are strong."
Pieter Dirk Wassenaar Business Manager

Cremer is an internationally operating company specialising in the manufacture of product counting machines and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industries. Product counting can be seen as the most efficient and cost effective alternative to modern weighing systems and pick-and-place systems. This applies to a wide range of products. Think of products that can vary individually in weight, are difficult to separate or, for example, for packages that require a guaranteed number of products. Counting is the best solution and Cremer is the expert.

The challenge was to strengthen the positioning of the various product lines and to make the power of Cremer clearer. The target groups of the three product lines are very different in nature and all require a different approach and product line presentation. Cremer’s objective is, on the one hand, to attract more customers, but on the other hand also to increase the level of service and accessibility to the large number of existing customers. And all this with a modern and technical online look & feel that suits Cremer.

We are proud to be able to build the international B2B website and to be successful online with B2B Online Marketing. In this customer case you can read more about our approach with Cremer.

Step 1: Online positioning & growth strategy

Brand positioning versus product line requires a joint process. Starting with a homework assignment that has been completed by a broad representative of the employees, we have incorporated this into our Jelba Brandhouse model. Subsequently, a nice discussion was started about the inspiration of the Cremer brand. In the final brand house, the brand values, the promise and the dream (also called the ‘WHY’) were described. The positioning of the various product lines under this umbrella was then elaborated into a complete set of designs. The use of colour, iconography, design, use of images and a design of the total Online interaction. Two issues were central to this. On the one hand, attracting (potential) customers and letting them find what they are looking for as quickly as possible, on the other hand, offering an effective way to benefit from Cremer’s good service to existing customers.

Step 2: Technology

We realized the lead generation and service platform of Cremer.com in WordPress with a WooCommerce application. This Open Source software is not only extremely easy to integrate, improve and expand, but can also provide a good basis for structured product presentation and lead generation for the individual systems for a clear number of products. This platform in combination with the most advanced Marketing Automation and analysis software provides a future-proof technological platform. Of course built with custom development and not all with standard plug-ins.

Step 3: Operation

The Cremer website puts emphasis on international technical SEO enrichment of the general content and product content. This increases the appeal to potential customers every day. Our content specialists at Jelba have developed an international SEO strategy for Cremer. In addition to creating and optimising the SEO texts and images for position gain and retention, the online position of Cremer’s competitors is also actively analysed, so that we always ensure top positions in comparison with the competition. Google Ads is used internationally to achieve the right leads for each target group technology combination. Email marketing is another important activity to inspire new and existing customers to purchase or expand the best technology available.


Results to be proud of

Targeted B2B Online Marketing by country
More direct quotation requests (leads)
Greater online international recognition and leads contributing to growth
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