Technology is a means rather than an end, but it’s a necessary tool to generate online business. At Jelba, we use a wide range of systems and technology, and select from these the most suitable solution for your product, budget and ambitions. The aim is simple: more leads and transacties.

Our B2B internet experts continually study various technological solutions to see where there is room for improvement. As a result, the online competitive position of our clients online is also continually improving, enabling us to book successes in the short and long term. Or even better; capitalise! After all, our clients want to generate business with their digital channels.

We use the following to improve results


We are building dynamic e-commerce and lead generation websites on these platforms.


We provide insight into the online behavior of B2B buyers on a daily basis.


Every day we optimize B2B webshops and websites for better results.

Marketing automation

We identify B2B buyers daily through their online search behavior

Software integration

Linking systems to sync data.

Payment Providers

Facilitate transactions in our B2B webshops


Initiating contact through chat with targeted buyers to start a dialogue


Send outbound email through inbound marketing

Product information management

Effectively enrich and distribute B2B product information.

Social Media

We use these channels and software for the use of social media.