B2B buyer behaviour

99% of B2B buyers use the internet to find and compare products and services, and this is where contemporary professional buyers make a first selection. If your products aren’t easy to find, they won’t even be compared. We make sure that your company and your products can be found online immediately, resulting in more leads and sales from new customers.

There are significant differences in the way professionals and consumers behave in the way they search, assess results, request quotes, order and pay. On the other hand, professional buyers expect at least the same level of user-friendliness and tempting online experience as consumers are entitled to.

Your existing customers deserve attention, including when they are online! Many of our clients initially want to focus on new customers, which looks like pure profit for the company. However, the results of our methods of approaching existing customers always surprise our clients. There is a major chance that existing customers will spend more on products that they already purchase (deep-selling), product diversity (cross-selling) or higher-segment products (up-selling) if you proactively and consistently promote these products among your target audience. Don’t forget: your existing customers also go online to make comparisons. Confirmation that they have found the right party and remain with it is much more effective in terms of costs and revenue than acquiring a new customer.

We create, develop, redevelop and operate your digital channels to achieve maximum return for your company. Jelba is a specialist in online marketing for B2B buyers.

I am A professional at a B2B company looking for a new product or replacement of existing products.
I'm looking for 92 to 98% of these B2B buyers first search online.
We know your buyers, and monitor their online behaviour. We know when they search online for your products or those of your competitors.
I've found If they've already found the product, solution, brand or answer they're looking for, you'll be forgotten.
We make sure that they do find your products, and that you are included in the comparison. They choose you and not your competitor.
I know B2B buyers already know 60 to 70% of what they need to know by the time they contact the provider.
We monitor their behaviour. We know what they do, and what else they need to know. We make sure they get this information.
i introduce myself 3 to 6% of B2B buyers introduce themselves known to the provider via e-mail, chat, phone or request form.
We make sure that this percentage is higher, and otherwise we know a way to find out who these buyers are.
The results
More leads
More transactions
More sales