Speaking "Thanks to the collaboration with Jelba, we're really getting up to pace with the internet. Jelba understands the B2B world, and is aware of the challenges faced at national and international level from a manufacturer's perspective."
Richard Boske CEO & Founder

ProFit started life as a family business, and has never lost its original character. It is composed of a group of tireless enthusiasts who are continually working on helping their customers make holes better and faster.
They successfully rose to the challenge to make the hole saw more durable and user-friendly for the most important person: the professional craftsperson who uses ProFit’s products every day to create beautiful handmade objects. For example, ProFit developed the new patented Click & Drill system, which makes the hole saw holder unnecessary and changing the plug a simple task. The company has also made great strides forward in terms of durability, with its Multi Purpose system cutting at least 5 times faster and lasting 10 times longer! View the ProFitGatzagen.nl platform

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

A professional hole saw can be viewed as a catalogue product, so the digital growth strategy is based on a B2B e-commerce model. In view of the international nature of this company per country, we looked at how we could roll this out via resellers. We centred the roll-out of the branding and content strategy around the craftspeople who use the product. This result of this strategy was an important part of the online approach to bring ProFit to the attention of its target group worldwide.

Profit Gatzagen | JelbaStep 2: Technology

When implementing this B2B e-commerce model, it was very important that we could make it scalable per country. Sometimes, depending on the country, we used a dealer module to forward transactions. The interactions betweeen the comprehensive product information management (PIM) system, the right links with the ERP system and the B2B e-commerce software are complex. In addition, we incorporated additional business tools so that the software could quickly identify leads and transactions.

Step 3: Operation

Jelba’s marketers are continually working on increasing the visibility of ProFit among craftspeople. In addition, we optimise the product descriptions on a daily basis, and add landing pages on a weekly basis, with a focus on potential search volumes. The interaction with dealers and the intensification of cooperation in terms of content have impacted positively on ProFit’s visibility. We operate all the digital channels on a daily basis to make sure ProFit is successful.

Results to be proud of

More brand awareness through increased organic growth
Transparent about prices and advice
More requests and transactions
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