Speaking "Jelba is successful thanks to its many years of experience with the metalworking industry and expertise in doing business online. Highly recommended as a partner."
Hans van Steenis General Manager

Dormer Pramet came into existence after a merger between rotary tool manufacturer Dormer Tools and reversible insert specialist Pramet Tools, with 150 years of experience between them. The company makes tools for the machining industry, and sells its products worldwide through distributors. This is a deliberate strategy. Jelba and Dormer Pramet work together on making sure that the end user can find the best tools for the user’s specific situation via the internet. This successful approach is based on helping distributors increase sales via an advanced ‘distribution-commerce programme’. Read about our 3-step approach below. View the DormerPramet.nl platform.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

Dormer Pramet decided on a strategy of selling through its distributors. Dormer Pramet assumed its responsibility as manufacturer to support its distributors through an advanced B2B e-commerce approach and roll-out involving optimised SEO product information (21,000 articles). This stimulates a demand among end users to purchase more products from Dormer Pramet’s distributors. Jelba and Dormer Pramet entered into a long-term collaboration to make sure that Dormer Pramet remains the leader in both its field and e-commerce.

Step 2: Technology

The B2B e-commerce technology used with Dormer Pramet is highly complex. It relies on a powerful product information management (PIM) solution. Sending leads to dealers via centrally-driven technology opens up a wealth of possibilities. The technical market is developing very quickly in this area, thanks to the accelerated growth and interest in B2B e-commerce. We use high-quality lead generation tools and webcare software to maximise business via various digital channels.

Step 3: Operation

We are continually working on maximising the return from all the digital channels of Dormet Pramet and its dealers. The potential of this rich and versatile range of inserts and rotating tools is maximised by a high-quality content-driven strategy. Rapidly answering questions about the complex issues faced by potential buyers enables us to achieve a high rate of conversions. We operate all the digital channels on a daily basis to make sure Dormer Pramet is successful.

Results to be proud of

More brand awareness through increased organic growth
Transparent about prices and advice
More requests and transactions
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