Transport and logistics Professionals have a specific perspective

Transport and logistics

Logistics managers, production managers, internal transport buyers, forklift drivers, warehouse organisers, warehouse professionals, loaders, warehouse employees; we know what they’re looking for, how they think, and their key motives when making purchases. Our clients’ products are crucial in getting things faster and more safely from A to B, without exception. It’s essential that these products are safe, technologically sound, and robust. The digital key to success is making it easier for the added value provided by our clients to be found online, and it must also be quick and easy to find or custom-design the perfect solution. For example, read about our approach to Industriele or Van Hooff Intern Transport and find out how they used various digital channels to reap success in this market.

Online marketing in transport and logistics

Online marketing is also very important in the transport and logistics sector. Often this sector lags behind in digitisation. Just over half of the Dutch transport companies have a marketing department and many logistics companies have on average only one full-time marketing employee. However, research shows that 62% of the logistics companies consider the website the most important marketing tool. Time for action!

Online marketing in other B2B sectors

Read more about the state of online marketing in in the industrial sector, find interesting information about online marketing in construction and installation or find out what the opportunities are in terms of online marketing in the agricultural sector. Jelba’s experts will be happy to talk to you about this.

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