Your online marketing department

Collaborating with Jelba entitles you to your own online marketing department with all the necessary specialists, such as online marketers, content editors, front-end developers, SEO and SEA specialists, etc. They will work for you every day, week and month to maximise your benefits from the digital opportunities in the B2B world. On behalf of your company, our B2B internet experts (your colleagues) will communicate and conduct campaigns with your potential customers or resellers to sell your products. Our online marketers, who are actually digital sellers, also know exactly when they need to bring your product to the attention of potential B2B buyers, and the time to strike. If you want to keep up with today’s major players, relying on a single person is simply not good enough. Many clients in the B2B sector already use our services, so if you are involved with a B2B company, we’d like to meet you.