Speaking "Jelba's operations are totally focused on B2B online marketing and development. They are experts in online processes, and also understand the metalworking market. Jelba's employees really want to understand our products, and make sure that we also lead the way in online B2B"
Itske Gaalman

LintzagenService.nl supplies a wide range of bi-metal and tungsten carbide band saws for the metalworking industry. On this platform, buyers can find a suitable solution for every sawing application. LintzagenService.nl is part of Leering Hengelo. Leering Hengelo, founded in 1939 and a household name in the world of metalworking, is known for its personal approach and reliability. It also exploits the online opportunities in the B2B market to the maximum, where LintzagenService.nl is a good example. The website is designed so that the professional buyer can find and order the perfect band saw for the relevant application within seconds. The company also has an in-house welding service, so it can deliver all kinds of band saws to size directly from its warehouse in Hengelo.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

LintzagenService.nl decided to use a digital strategy to provide buyers with the information they need, via a B2B lead generation approach for its machines and a B2B e-store for its band saws. We make sure that professional buyers are presented with solutions and products at the very moment when they are searching for them. Jelba and LintzagenService.nl are working together in the long term to make sure that LintzagenService.nl remains a leader both in the metalworking industry with its band saw solutions and in B2B lead generation.

Step 2: Technology

We deploy a wide range of technology, from configurators to liquid content modules. LintzagenService.nl uses this B2B technology to make a difference via the digital channels. Our technological roll-out takes into account the online marketing approach for capital goods (band saw machines) and professional consumables (band saw blades).

Step 3: Operation

We are continually working on maximising the return from all the digital channels of this platform. Jelba’s experts from the B2B online marketing department are actively campaigning to generate requests and transactions for our client. The overview on the right contains a list of these activities. Our objective is achieving results, and fortunately our client shares this view. We get it done! The new online world is changing every market and revenue model, and that includes the traditional market for band saws.

Results to be proud of

More brand awareness through increased organic growth
Transparent about prices and advice
More requests and transactions
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