Agricultural engineering Professionals have a specific perspective

Agricultural engineering

The agricultural sector is changing. Think of the ever-increasing regulations, the rapid technological developments and society’s call for sustainability. This offers opportunities for companies that are active in the agro-technical sector, for example as suppliers. But how do you best highlight your products or services? The answer is online! Farmers and horticulturists are increasingly orientating themselves via the internet. B2B online marketing is therefore crucial to get in the crosshairs of buyers or sellers.

Take our customer IWC International. Through targeted B2B online marketing campaigns, Jelba brings their products to the attention of the relevant target group. We create a global reach. Our specialists translate the Unique Selling Points (such as the environmentally conscious aspect of the products) into online content and campaigns. This succeeds because Jelba really understands these products and the market. Jelba is therefore a specialist in B2B e-commerce, B2B lead generation and B2B marketing. If you’d like to find out more about the online behaviour of your target group in the agricultural sector, or want to exploit the internet to generate more leads of expand internationally, then we’d like to meet you.

Online marketing in agricultural engineering

The agri-food sector accounts for an important share in the economy. This sector, too, can no longer ignore digitising processes. For agro-technical companies, it is no longer enough just to attend events or to advertise traditionally. In 95-98% of cases, the B2B buyer is orientated online, which is why online marketing is very important in the agro-technical sector.

Online marketing in other B2B sectors

Read more about the state of online marketing in logistics and transport, find interesting information about online marketing in construction and installation or find out what the opportunities are in terms of online marketing in the industrial sector. Jelba’s experts will be happy to talk to you about this.

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