Speaking "In collaboration with online expert Jelba, we have created a new brand and sales channel for a specific product segment within REW. Together, we have managed to direct and accelerate a long-cherished desire"
Jeroen Arentsen Director

The top grinding specialists in the Netherlands have been relying on SlijpExpert for more than 30 years. Not just because this company delivers the best sanding and grinding products at the best price, but because it delivers the products these specialist need to ensure their work is the best. As a fanatical champion of reducing cutting time and dust, improving results and generally making grinding more pleasant, SlijpExpert constantly listens to its users to achieve these goals. SlijpExpert is a one-stop shop for those in the sector thanks to its wide range of cutting discs, grinding discs, fibre discs, grinding belts and flap discs, as well as all the associated machinery. View the SlijpExpert.nl platform.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

A segment was selected from the total product portfolio of REW tools in which there was a great deal of internal expertise and potential. During some strategic meetings, a new brand and design was created, the best way of presenting product content established, and an online B2B business model devised in terms of pricing, upselling and cross-selling, with rapid product selection. We attracted end users with an SEO strategy and active campaign with high-quality content.

Step 2: Technology

In response to the rapid growth of B2B e-commerce, we use a wide range of software plug-ins to generate maximum business via various digital channels. Linking all product data with a B2B PIM allows rapid and efficient content optimisation. Generating conversions through resources such as a chat feature and campaigns via social media and e-mail marketing provide an interactive model for new and existing customers.

Step 3: Operation

Through the implementation of campaigns aimed at both the public in general and target groups, we increase sales every day. We regularly create and add content so our target group can find us more easily. Video, image and text are the most important components. Transaction times are reduced by continually analysing the behaviour of website visitors and optimising the website.

Results to be proud of

More brand awareness through increased organic growth
Transparent about prices and advice
More requests and transactions
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