Fee based on results

No billable hours

We believe in our approach, so we don’t invoice billable hours. For Jelba, the result is the only thing that counts. Our fee is therefore partly based on our clients’ growth in turnover, and not the number of hours worked. We do things properly and effectively, and everything necessary for online success. The objective is more requests and more transactions for our clients.

Fee based on results

We have every confidence when our collaboration with you starts. Your success is our success, and your extra turnover is our extra turnover. We charge a low basic monthly fee for setting up your own online marketing department. In the end, what you pay us depends on the increase in turnover generated by our collaboration. If we do what we say and deliver what we promise, a fee based on results is only logical.

We generate leads

For capital goods, B2B lead generation is appropriate, for professional consumables we have observed that direct sales via B2B E-commerce gives fantastic results. Occasionally, we use a combination of the two. Because our fee depends on results, we depend on our clients’ colleagues to follow-up leads. We cooperate closely with our clients’ colleagues to make sure that all the leads generated are followed up in the most qualitative and effective way. This cooperation is enjoyable, and produces positive changes both internally and in terms of results.

We generate transactions

Depending on the products of our clients, we generate sales via both B2B webshops and leads. We have observed that direct sales via B2B e-commerce gives fantastic results when it comes to professional consumables. We often use a combination of these two forms of commerce. Since our fee is largely dependent on results, we don’t stop until we’ve squeezed everything possible out of the e-store every day. We always try to get potential buyers’ attention for our clients’ products at the right time.