What is B2B online marketing?

What is B2B Online Marketing?

B2B online marketing is a method to sell products of B2B businesses to professional buyers via the internet. The B2B website is central to this. All marketing efforts online usually aim to “land” on a specific page of their own website. If this is a B2B webshop the purpose of online marketing is to sell the product and convert it to a lead at a B2B website as quickly as possible.

Now, there are quite a few tactics and methods to optimally carry out online marketing. Whether they are effective is measured in only one way; more qualitative visitors to specific products and ultimately more sales. Seeing that online marketing has received so many different expertise it goes beyond the scope of one person. Think about the specialisations in the areas of SEO, SEA, e-mail, conversion optimisation, analysis, etc. If you want to know which parts you ideally want to have in a complete B2B online marketing department, click here.

The advantages

Every year, new opportunities are being developed to sell products smarter and more effectively via the internet. Think of content grouping, IP verification, liquid content, marketing automation, featured snippets, PIM systems, et cetera. In short: plenty of concepts for us to explain to you. A major advantage of B2B online marketing is that it is possible to measure and analyse the effects and results (data driven marketing). The results of the analysis can be used to make adjustments right away for example, to improve an ongoing campaign. In addition, it enables you to easily follow the behavior of the target group. It is easy to keep track of how many people ended up on the website via a newsletter and how many actually make a purchase as a result of the newsletter.

Frankly, the customers of Jelba do not ultimately want a B2B webshop or B2B website or B2B online marketing. They want more business. So that’s what we do for them.

If you want to know more about B2B online marketing and all possibilities please contact us. Jelba is a specialist in online marketing for B2B companies.

Jelba and B2B online marketing

To remain a leading player in B2B online marketing, B2B e-commerce and B2B lead generation we are active with technology and target groups to achieve the best result (more business via online channels) for our clients on a daily basis. Our clients reach a big part of professional buyers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany every day. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in the field of B2B online marketing. If you have any questions you can reach us via phone under 030 – 227 14 23 or via mail at collega@jelba.nl. If you would like to use this article in your own publication, please ask us for permission and of course provide a source reference with a link to this article. We are also thinking of our own SEO position.