What is SEA?

What is SEA?

If you can not get a high enough position in Google because there is too much competition there is a second possibility. That is SEA. It stands for search engine advertising and ensures that you are above the organic results. With SEO, the search results are ranked according to the quality of the website. Meanwhile, with SEA the search results are ranked based on bids.

What do I need to consider?

First of all you need to have in mind what you want to do. In most cases it will be achieving more conversion. Sometimes it is also having the control of what content is visible in the search engine. Advertising in a search engine therefore delivers immediate results. By betting on the right keywords together with an attractive text, the right target group can be reached.

What is the advantage?

A big advantage of SEA is the measurability. You can see exactly which ads are running well and which are not. Therefore, you immediately can optimise the campaigns. When creating a successful campaign you need to know the interests of the users of the search engine. Make sure you keep in mind the search question when setting up the advertisement and campaign.

Determining a budget is also an important step. You have a big influence on your budget at SEA because for each campaign you can determine how much you want to spend on it every day. You can even filter on properties such as location, time, and target group. This does involve more costs but it also delivers better result.

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