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Ton Winters Founder

IWC International. A beautiful Dutch manufacturing company active in the international food sector. With a unique product, created by chance. Just as ingenious products are often invented ‘by chance’. Just think of the microwave, penicillin and champagne. But IWC International’s Undine® is also part of this illustrious list. The Undine® has already saved millions of m³ of water. But how did it all start?

The municipality no longer wanted to give farmer Ton Winters an environmental permit. His company used too much water for washing his leek. Just after an air compressor broke down and a mixture of water and air began to spray, Ton Winters thought of a genius idea. Would he be able to rinse his leek clean with less water in this way? It turned out to be a hit, and the Undine ® was born. With the new Undine ® technology, there is a new standard in the field of cleaning.

The B2B online marketing department of Ton and IWC International is situated in Utrecht. At Jelba we are working every day to bring this technology to the attention of B2B Online Marketing worldwide. We are proud to be able to use our online expertise for this great product. With only one goal: to conquer the world!


Stap 1: Digital growth strategy

For now, IWC mainly focuses on offering cleaning solutions for poultry slaughterhouses, a real niche market. However, there is enormous potential, worldwide there are hundreds of poultry slaughterhouses. The goal is to provide them all with IWC cleaning technology. They only need to be reached.

We do this through our digital growth strategy. We ensure the right traffic to the right page by means of a sophisticated SEO content strategy for product and category texts, supplemented with cornerstone articles. In combination with a Google Ads strategy, where quality scores and conversions are leading, we strive for a structural 90% visibility among the right B2B online searchers. LinkedIn campaigns also play an important role in this. This is an excellent tool to target and approach prospects very specifically.

Stap 2: Technology

IWC has a wide range of cleaning equipment for poultry slaughterhouses. A specific product has been developed for each position in the slaughter line. We have therefore implemented a product configurator for IWC. In this way prospects can easily fill in their wishes and it immediately becomes clear which products they need, after which they can immediately request a quotation. We have opted for an online quotation module, because it involves a lot of customisation. IWC always looks for the best solution together with the customer. They then make a proposal, including the ROI, payback time and a quotation.

In order to be able to do the right analyses, the website is further equipped with various tooling and automation technology. With this set the B2B Experts can also work on this data driven marketing approach. Today, the winners of online generally have a data driven marketing approach.

Stap 3: Operation

We operate on a daily basis to maximize all IWC’s digital channels. Jelba’s B2B online marketing team actively campaigns to achieve leads. On the right you can see an overview of these activities. Just like IWC, we go for the result. We take action. We make sure our clients are always ahead of the curve in the B2B world online.

Results to be proud of

Strong increase in organic traffic
More orders and requests
Increase in new customers, increase in turnover
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