Speaking "Jelba's years of experience in the industry and the fact that they are experts in B2B lead generation and e-commerce make them successful. Nice to work with."
Peter A. Van ‘t Sant CEO

NDS-Seals is specialized in the development and worldwide production of successful products in rubber, silicone and plastic. Due to the high level of expertise within the company, NDS-Seals is rightly the partner for the most ingenious seals within the various branches of industry. Jelba is the partner for NDS-Seals to let the professional buyer find the best seal for his specific situation via the internet. Read below our approach in 3 steps. Check out the platform of NDS-Seals here.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

NDS-Seals convinces in digital communication through its specific expertise. It is not about  standard catalogue products but an essential part of the production process. The right seal for the right application, choosing the right material, etcetera. All these aspects are crucial and we use the digital strategy to bring them to the attention of the right B2B buyers at the right time. The use of a high-quality content driven strategy plays a key role here. Jelba and NDS-Seals work together for the long term to ensure not only that they remain leader with their products, but also in the digital field. We see it as our task to ensure that the experts of NDS-Seals are visible to the potential customer at the right time. Here, B2B lead generation is the foundation of the digital growth strategy.

Step 2: Technology

We use a wide range of technology to deliver the right message at the right time. This varies from liquid content modules to specific remarketing campaigns linked to the right landing page. We work with high quality lead tooling and analysis software to generate maximum business through various digital channels.

Step 3: Operation

On a daily basis we are active to maximise all digital channels from NDS-Seals. The rich and versatile range of applications from various materials and for various industries requires daily and weekly optimisation by our B2B experts. Quickly providing answers to complex questions to potential buyers enables achieving a high score chance of conversions. In the daily execution we run all digital channels to make NDS-Seals a success online.

Results to be proud of

Qualitative growth in website traffic
Being found via specific business terms
Qualitative leads via website
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