How does liquid content work?

Personalisation increasingly gains importance in B2B online marketing. The number one reason being the marketers’ need to achieve ever better conversion rates. Liquid content, one of the most important B2B Marketing trends 2018, is the perfect tool when it comes to online marketing. As the name indicates the information is “liquid” and thus can adapt to specific visitors.

What is liquid content?

Liquid content means that you are able to create personalized content. It ensures that specific pages automatically adjust to the visitor in terms of message (text + image). Suppose you want to show a certain message or customer case to visitors from the industrial sector. This message may vary in terms of content and image of for example, the painting industry. Nonetheless, you have the ideal product for both target groups. That is a perfect moment to apply liquid content.

What can you adjust?

  • Images and background images
  • Titles and texts
  • Text on a button
  • The webpage the button refers to  
  • Add additional elements, such as horizontal selection, a conversion button, or a content block from another page

View three examples of liquid content on the website from Boso below.

IP – verification as basis

In general, liquid content works on the basis of IP-verification combined with tracking cookies. Via these cookies the behavior of website visitors can be saved. Based on that information the visitors can be divided into certain categories. Examples of such categories are: company specific categories, such as the Chamber of Commerce number linked to SBI codes, or the province where the company is located. However, there are other options, like showing special content to returning visitors. With this information the website can be adjusted to the behavior of the visitor. Or better said, this kind of online marketing gives you the possibility to personalize and analyse your website.

The advantages of liquid content in a nutshell:

  • A visitor who does not make himself known via a contact form, chat or e-mail can receive his own message based on his behavior and origin;
  • The data gives more insight into the customer journey and the differences in each target group – liquid content can then show preferences for each target group;
  • With known visitors, an email may be sent to the visitor to alert him/her to the product/products that correspond to previously viewed interests;
  • Based on his or her history someone can be placed in a certain category.

Liquid Content at Jelba

At Jelba we apply liquid content to our B2B e-commerce as well as B2B lead generation clients. If set up correctly across all channels, this is an advantage for the visitors and therefore certainly for the client. If you would like to know more possibilities please contact us. Jelba is specialist in personalized online campaigns with liquid content modules.


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