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B2B video production

Exclusively for Jelba clients we offer B2B video production. Product videos, both for catalog products and capital goods, expert videos, user cases, commercials and trailers are relevant forms of B2B video that belong to our portfolio. Below you can read exactly what these genres are and what the differences are. B2B videos can be used on various channels: from your website to social media, from e-mails to separate video campaigns. The use of videos for online marketing purposes is a standard service that we provide under the heading of B2B video marketing.

icoontjes videoformats-productvideocProduct video: catalog products

Product videos usually follow the same format: a product is introduced, the USP’s… Read more

icoontjes videoformats-expertvideoExpert video

In an expert video a specialist of your company talks about a certain product, working method… Read more

icoontjes videoformats-commercialCommercial

Commercial is a form that everybody knows. In relation to other formats.. Read more

icoontjes videoformats-productvideokProduct video: capital goods

Product videos usually follow the same format: a product is introduced, the USP’s are… Read more

icoontjes videoformats-gebruikerscaseUser case

Your customer acts as your ambassador in a user case. It is a combination of interview.. Read more

icoontjes videoformats-trailerTrailer

A trailer is short and powerful. The goal is to offer the viewer a short preview or… Read more

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This service can be part of your B2B online marketing department.

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