What is B2B video marketing?

B2B video marketing is becoming more and more popular every day. In consumer marketing, video has become an indispensable feature in the marketing mix of online marketing. Marketers try to trigger the intended target group by means of interesting videos. In the B2B world, video still has to find its big breakthrough as a marketing tool. That’s why you can easily gain a lot of ground with video at the moment. This will allow you to improve your online visibility and your marketing activities. Jelba is a specialist in B2B Video Marketing. In this article we will tell you more about this.

Why start B2B video marketing?

Most people would rather watch a video than read a text. This also applies to professionals. Watching a video is faster and easier than reading a manual. In the B2B world, technical and/or complex subjects are often dealt with. Blogs or other promotional texts can be difficult to read, especially if you want to explain a particular application of your product. A video is a simpler way to inform your customers. In addition, buyers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video than after reading a text.

Organic findability

B2B video marketing is also important for your organic findability. Videos are an essential part of Google’s search results. YouTube (part of Google) is the second largest search engine after Google, so it is also important that you are visible and findable on this platform. This requires strong videos. Not only the content of the video is important. Descriptions, tags and other details are also determining factors in the organic findability of your video. In addition, videos contribute to the organic findability of your website if you place it on your blogs or other pages. Video is a form of rich content, i.e. it adds value to your page.

4 Tipps for B2B Video Marketing

We advise you to adhere to a number of basic rules when developing the visual material. That’s why we give you four tips for successful B2B video marketing:

  • Provide a well-organised, businesslike YouTube channel. This is the channel on which you present your videos. A strongly structured YouTube channel contributes to the findability of your videos
  • Make sure you have a clear corporate identity in your videos. Think for example, of a fixed intro and outro, recurring graphics or a certain filming style that you consistently apply.
  • Information is more important than entertainment. Ultimately, the goal is that the customers or prospects are better informed through the videos and eventually click through to the website or to the B2B webshop.
  • Don’t give up! Many B2B marketers stop again after just one or two videos. However, it is a matter of persevering and continuing, even if your first videos don’t catch on immediately.

Advertising with a B2B video

A common form of advertising with B2B video is pre-roll advertising. This is a video that can be seen as an advertisement prior to other videos that are relevant and/or popular with your potential customers. Usually it is a B2B trailer, a short video with a concise message or teaser. There are several channels on which you can advertise with a B2B video. In addition to YouTube, various other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, are suitable channels for distributing video advertisements. Videos on social media are also an excellent tool for influencer marketing.

Types of B2B videos

With B2B video marketing, many people directly think of commercials. This is not necessarily the case. Videos come in different shapes and sizes. In the B2B market, for example, expert videos are a popular format. In an expert video you explain a product, a certain application or another part of your business. This is an excellent way to show your expertise to your customer. Moreover, with these videos you can answer specific questions of customers and prospects, so that they will arrive at your company faster in their search. With relevant videos, you can also work on your inbound marketing strategy.

Want to know more?

Interested in B2B Video Marketing? Jelba offers B2B video production exclusively for clients. View our YouTube channel for examples. We produce videos that are fully focused on the B2B industry. If you would like to know more about B2B video marketing and its possibilities, please contact us.

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