B2B Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of B2B marketing. It’s much more than a place to connect with other professionals. It is also the place to find relevant information and exciting content. It is also the ideal medium for a company to connect with its customers and create maximum scope. Social is not a one-way traffic of sending and receiving: it’s all about interaction, connection and bonding with customers.

Our specialists are experts in creating the right content for each target group. Based on a sophisticated social media strategy, organic content is structurally posted on specific platforms. This takes into account branding, corporate identity, tone-of-voice and algorithms, among other things.

The various platforms in which we specialise:

Jelba goes further than just organic posts on the timeline. We make optimal use of all social features, such as: feed posts, stories, shopping, hashtags, tags, community management and partnerships. To get the most out of social, we advise supplementing organic posts with social media advertising and influencer marketing.

This service can be part of your entire B2B Online Marketing department for less than the price of one employee!

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