B2B video production: a profession on its own

B2B video production: a profession on its own

A picture says more than a thousand words. We define content not only as text but also as image and video. At Jelba we therefore focus more and more on B2B video production. There are a number of important reasons for this. Within B2B for example, it is no longer sufficient to only write blogs. This is partly due to the large number of blogs that are published every day and partly due to the fact that people click through to blogs less. Online traffic consists for the most part of video and so it is crucial to adapt your B2B online marketing to this. B2B video marketing is therefore a significant part of our services. Users watch and share videos daily. Short and powerful is the motto here.

Things to consider when creating a B2B video

Short and powerful

In today’s B2B online traffic where videos follow each other in rapid succession, it is difficult to get and hold the user’s attention. Therefore, keep it short. Within B2B video production we try to keep the length at a maximum of 120 seconds. In some cases it is of course possible to deviate from this. Short and powerful also means that you have to grab the attention immediately. Avoid a long introduction and start immediately with the ‘earthquake’.


Recognisability especially is important when you produce a series of B2B videos. This is easily achieved by starting and ending the video with a specific intro and an outro. Usually, it shows the logo of your company in a short animation and with a recognizable tune. There are many more ways to create recognizability for example, by having the same ‘face’ appear in each video. Moreover, recognisability does not necessarily have to be in the content but can also be achieved stylistically.

Balance between man and machine

Especially in business-to-business marketing one tends to focus on machines and processes that the business is about. However, do not underestimate the value of showing the people behind this business. This radiates trust, skill and personality.

Inform versus entertain

An important matter that applies specifically to the B2B market is that information is the main objective. The videos do not (necessarily) serve as entertainment, though it does not mean that it is only about the content of the video. A stylistically strong video is more attractive to watch and looks more professional.

From concept to script

Video production always starts with concept development. Together with you we determine which format is most suitable, how long the video should be, what the message is, etcetera. In this concept phase you provide the input and then our B2B video experts get to work on developing a creative concept that includes all your wishes. A well thought-out concept is often half the work. The next step is to convert the concept into a script.

Nobody can turn a bad script into a good video. It is therefore crucial to work out a concrete video script. Hence, the most important thing when writing a script is to not write down too little but certainly not too much either. What you want to see must be concrete but unnecessary details must be removed. Not every pixel of the video needs to be described.

The video must be in accordance with the ‘look and feel’ of the company. This is already taken into account in the script. This means that based on the identity of a company you can already say a lot about how and what you want to depict. Once the script is complete, the video engineers can start working with it. Thanks to good preparation recording and editing a video is always a smooth process for us. Jelba is equipped with expertise for each phase of the video production process.

What is the ideal length of a B2B video?

As mentioned before, we recommend to always keep B2B videos short with a maximum of 120 seconds. This makes it easier to keep the viewer’s attention. Moreover, this way you keep your story concrete. In terms of length, we divide B2B videos into two categories: short and long videos. By short videos we mean videos that are 30 to 60 seconds long. The advantage of this is that these videos always comply with the ‘short and powerful’ principle. The disadvantage is of course that you can put less information in them. On the other hand, long videos offer this space with their length of 90 to 120 seconds. Some formats are here more suitable than others. For example, if you record a user case it can be of added value to take more time to highlight all facets of your product and emphasize the positive experiences of your customers.

Timing and goal: when to use B2B video

There are several moments in the sales cycle when video is valuable marketing tool. This also means that videos can serve various purposes. The purpose of the video is of course a determining factor for what the video will look like and what content is needed.

  • Supply phase: focus on raising interest in your product
  • Purchase phase: focus on the expertise of your company, the quality of your product and the ease of the ordering process
  • Relation phase: offers the customer tips, instructions and other useful info

For each phase there is a different video format that is suitable. Commercials and trailers for example, are ideal for waking interest. Product videos are an excellent way to highlight the qualities of your products. You can show the expertise of your company by recording an expert video or a user case. This can be very useful both in the purchase phase and the relationship phase.

Channels: distributing and sharing the B2B video

YouTube is the video channel. Google’s well-known video platform has millions of users a day (also for the business market!) and has the great advantage that the content can be optimized according to the SEO principle. In addition, a well-equipped and well-maintained YouTube channel has a professional look and feel. The best way to place videos on your website is therefore through a YouTube plugin.

LinkedIn also offers the possibility to post videos and as a professional social media platform is an interesting channel. Facebook offers the same possibility but in general this is a less relevant channel in the B2B market. Generally, it is advisable to use a combination of channels.

Jelba and B2B video production

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Curious about the possibilities?

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