B2B Social Advertising

B2B social media advertising

Social advertising, paid advertising on social media channels, is an addition to a company’s B2B Online Marketing strategy. Social advertising is a perfect opportunity to reach your target group and to incite your target group to action by means of very specific targeting.

Our B2B social media experts specialise in reaching the right target groups at the right time based on the useful data that the social profiles offer. Thanks to social advertising it is therefore possible to advertise very specifically on the basis of data.

Benefits of social media advertising

  • Very specific advertising through very specific targeting
  • More traffic, more leads and more conversions
  • Increase brand awareness

Social advertising allows specific targeting unlike SEA

Unlike SEA, social advertising allows you to specifically target the industry, company size, job title and seniority of your target group. This way it is also possible to show your advertisement to all purchasing managers within the industry in which you operate and to trigger an action.

The different platforms on which we use Social Media Advertising

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

In social advertising we always go for results. A click is nice, but it must be a relevant click that leads to a download, request or transaction. Curious about some practical examples? Contact one of our social media experts for more information.

This service is part of your B2B online marketing department.

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