TrueView ads: this is how advertising on YouTube works!

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world. As a B2B company, you can’t ignore that. A great product video or expert video puts your brand in the spotlight and attracts potential leads. Your (future) customers use YouTube as well! Whether in their spare time or for work. But how do you reach this group of people? An advertisement is only useful if it reaches the right target group. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this on YouTube. Discover in this article exactly how advertising on Youtube works and how you can get the most out of it for your B2B business. Come on with that online exposure!

What are TrueView ads?

On television, there are commercial breaks between programs. This works the same way on YouTube and other video platforms, only it’s just a little bit different. Is someone clicking on a video? Then he or she can first see a video ad. The duration of this ad differs. Sometimes the whole video has to be checked out. In other cases, the video ad can be clicked away after a few seconds. However, you only pay per impression!

The ad video may contain a call-to-action. Think of a button to visit the website or buy a certain product. Often, however, the purpose of TrueView ads is to increase brand awareness. Your business should stay in the viewer’s memory. Repetition is important. After all, does anyone see your ad pass by more than once? Then it is inevitable that your brand name will stick.



How will your ad be viewed by the relevant target group?

For all B2B online marketing, reaching the right target group is crucial. So also for TrueView advertisements. A video about CNC machines won’t land on teenagers (and neither will this be an interesting target group for B2B companies.) As a B2B company, you probably know exactly what that ideal target group looks like. But how do you reach this group? You can do that in various ways.

Placement based on the chosen subject

YouTube takes the work off your hands and automatically links your ad to related videos based on a chosen topic. We don’t know exactly how that happens. After all, Google’s algorithm (and therefore YouTube) is a black box. In any case, you can link a video about CNC automation, for example, to the subject Metal Industry. You can test two subjects next to each other to see which placement produces better results, depending on your objectives.

In the Placements report in Google Ads, you can check with which videos your ad is placed exactly. Important: YouTube does not distinguish between B2B and B2C videos. So it is a good idea to go through the list yourself and adjust it manually. This is also valuable for another reason. A B2C account may not be suitable for your ad – but it can be interesting for B2B influencer marketing!

Custom intent

You can also set your own target group. So it’s not the video that is used as a starting point, but the people who watch it. These people are then targeted based on previously viewed videos and Google search terms. So if someone has searched for “milling machine”, chances are that he or she will get a video on Youtube about CNC milling machines. With custom intent you can target specifically.

Remarketing: stay in the memory of the customer

Everything is connected to the internet. That’s just as convenient for you as a company. Is someone visiting your B2B website? Then you can continue to track this “person” via cookies (provided that this person has accepted all cookies on your website). Of course, this does not really happen on a personal level. After all, this is not permitted by law. However, you can target a very specific target group. For example: every visitor who has viewed your hand drills for thirty seconds. This target group must be large enough for video marketing (approx. > 1000 people). But you can assume that this target group is genuinely interested in your product. Do these people log on to Youtube later in the day? Then they will receive your advertisement. In this way, they will be reminded of your range of products. So buy that hand drill anyway!

Advertising on YouTube in practice

Jelba uses ads in the most effective way. Whether it’s Google ads or TrueView ads. Figures say more than words. Our video for our customer Cellro has been watched almost 30,000 times! See, that’s B2B video production and B2B social advertising with results. Because all those views lead to leads and more brand awareness. Moreover, the figures show that the video is viewed for a long time, even after the ad can be skipped. So this target group is genuinely interested in this product and brand. That makes the ad extra successful.

Triple threat: video, display and ad

Youtube ads never stand alone. They are part of a broader campaign. Jelba combines video ads with display and Google ads. This way we create maximum exposure for our customers. The ads are tailored to each platform. After all, a TrueView ad differs in form from a Google ad. However, the underlying message remains the same: let our B2B customers grow online. Isn’t that what you want?

Jelba: the B2B Online Specialist

The online world holds no secrets for our B2B experts. Our ad specialists get the most out of online advertising. The Jelba B2B online marketers build beautiful campaigns around it. And our B2B video experts film beautiful videos for your products and business. Because indeed: that Cellro video with 20,000 views is also made by us. Feel like growing online? Get in touch with us! Our experts are ready for you.