What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of online marketing that responds to the search behaviour of potential customers on your own website. By using remarketing it is possible to serve your potential customer a message on other pages of other websites again (hence the term “re”). You can assume that a large part of the website visitors visit your website only once. They view one or more specific pages. Think of a knowledge base article or for example a product page. Visiting behaviour is the basis for an effective remarketing campaign. It is not known who the visitor has been. He or she only looked at the website and did not contact you via chat or an application form. If you use liquid content or IP tracking modules you will have more data at your disposal but let’s leave this aside for now.

So you know which pages have been viewed and you want to effectively draw the attention of your potential customers to your products or services again. Potential customers who have shown interest on the basis of inbound marketing are very interesting prospects and of course you want to know who they are. Through your Google Adwords campaign you can develop and use banners that match their search behaviour. As soon as they are on another website you can bring your message to their attention again. The power of repetition. Be careful not to exaggerate this. It can also have an irritating effect on your potential customer and you want to prevent that by all means. Moreover, you do not pay any costs for showing the banner. You only pay for the click.

If you want to know more about remarketing and all possibilities please contact us. Jelba knows how to score quality leads for its B2B customers through the use of digital channels and therefore has a lot of experience with remarketing. 

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