LinkedIn Stories: how to use them for your B2B business

Latest update: 20 May 2021

A good online presence is crucial for businesses. This is not limited to your own website: social media is just as important nowadays. Through these channels you can bring in new leads and keep your network up to date on developments. The result: customer loyalty, greater brand awareness and increasing visitor numbers. LinkedIn is the place for B2B companies to profile themselves online. Recently, a new and interesting feature was added to this platform: Stories. Dutch users are the first in Europe to test this feature. How can you benefit from this? And how do LinkedIn Stories work specifically for B2B companies? Read it in this article.


How do LinkedIn Stories work?

Stories are already familiar from Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, LinkedIn Stories work the same as on the former platform. You can share an image or video (vertically), possibly with text and sticker added. This post remains available for 24 hours and is then automatically deleted. The posts are also interactive: other users can respond directly to the story and engage in a chat. Interactivity is an essential part of social media and something you can immediately benefit from.

To the point: the benefits of LinkedIn Stories

  • Share more content and share it quickly;
  • more interaction with your network;
  • strong and personal dialogues with your network;
  • video (vertical);
  • direct 1-on-1 chat from Stories;
  • the update is brand new, so you will stand out by being one of the first to use it!

From behind the scenes to tips and tricks

LinkedIn Stories offer many advantages. But what content do you actually post there? Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a business platform. The content and tone of your posts will therefore always remain professional. This is in contrast to the more informal Instagram. But also on LinkedIn, creative, personal and interactive content is key. You need to entice your network to (continue to) follow your company page and to start interacting. This cannot be achieved with dry posts that say little new. As a company it is therefore important to strike the right chord. LinkedIn Stories offer extra possibilities in this respect. Stories are ideal for authentic and real-time updates.

Post Stories about…

  • Projects: shoots, interviews, meetings, brainstorms
  • Behind the scenes: lunch, business activities, home office, video calls, cool location of a work meeting
  • Knowledge: tips and tricks, industry news
  • News: company updates, new employee
  • Live reports: events, trade shows, what you are reading/listening to (within your field)

Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Stories as a B2B Company

Almost a quarter of the Dutch have a LinkedIn profile. This includes your customers, partners and future employees. This makes LinkedIn the ideal platform to profile yourself as a B2B company online. Use the story ideas from the previous paragraph to transform your LinkedIn profile into a modern, (inter)active environment. It is more than worth the time investment. An active LinkedIn profile bears many fruits: from customer retention to confirmation of your expert position and attracting qualified personnel.

Customer loyalty: interaction is key

As a company you are busy every day for your customers. Of course, you want to share this with your network! However, it is not always possible to write an extensive update about this. Besides, not many people are waiting for ten posts a day in their feed (no matter how nice the content is). With LinkedIn Stories, however, your customer base will stay well informed of all your activities and they will see how enterprising your company is. This also works the other way around. The 1-on-1 chat function allows for low-threshold interaction. This allows you to get to know your customers better. In this way, you know what is going on and you can respond well as a B2B company. The personal touch also ensures even more customer loyalty. A win-win situation!

Thought leadership: every day anew

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for showing thought leadership. After all, it is a platform by and for professionals. These professionals are constantly looking for new knowledge. So it’s a good thing you’re bursting with knowledge! You can share this know-how in different ways: through articles, short posts, videos and also stories. With LinkedIn Stories you can show your expertise in a fun and engaging way. Informative and yet completely up to date. Moreover, you show that you are engaged with your profession every day. Whether that is by attending a conference, carrying out a wonderful new assignment or welcoming a colleague. You never stand still as an expert!

Professional and dynamic: an attractive employer

LinkedIn is not only home to your customers and partners. Your future employees also use this platform when orientating and applying for a job! An active LinkedIn page is therefore essential for attracting good staff. This works in two ways. First of all, an active company page is found sooner. Secondly, it shows job seekers that you are an engaged and dynamic company. The current generation in particular is looking for that. Take advantage of LinkedIn Stories. Through behind the scenes posts you show the fun company culture. Live reports of events show that your company never stands still. Don’t shy away from interaction. So start a conversation with potential employees. And: don’t forget that introductory post once the contract has been signed!

Jelba: the B2B Online Specialist

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