Everything about B2B content marketing

B2B content marketing is a type of online marketing based on the production of relevant content. At Jelba we define content as text, image and video. In the B2B sector this type of marketing is very important because more information is needed before making a purchase compared to B2C. Read everything about content marketing below!

What is B2B content marketing?

By creating information relevant to the target audience, B2B content marketing can provide added value. You don’t try to offer your services or sell your products per se. Instead you inform your readers about your products and thus provide more knowledge. B2B content marketing is seen as a form of inbound marketing.

Regularly posting relevant and interesting content ensures the company a reputation of knowledge and prestige. After all, knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is more powerful. Content can be many different things. For example, a simple blog, a news item, a whitepaper, a fact sheet, a video or an infographic are all forms of content.

However, B2B content marketing doesn’t only involve the creation of new content. Rather it also includes the analysis and rewriting of existing content to make it even more relevant. Comparing your content to that of competitors and optimising it can ensure that you improve your standing in the Google search results.


One of the main goals of B2B content marketing is scoring a high position on Google. SEO is the term describing the visibility of websites on Google. Here B2B content marketing plays an important role. The more relevant content a website has to offer, the more relevant it will be to Google. This leads to a higher indexation in the Google search results. SEO is a way to direct traffic to your website for free.

To give a simple summary it works as follows: you write good content about a word relevant to your company. Via this word you want your content to be found by Google (keyword). When a keyword is typed into Google the algorhythms scan all content in relation to that keyword. The more relevant and stronger your content, the better your page will be indexed. Cornerstone content is a good example of content Google sees as relevant.

Lead generation

Another main goal of B2B content marketing is to generate leads. Through relevant content prospects are inclined to provide data, such as their email address. This can be done by downloading a white paper in exchange for data or simply by inviting the prospect to make contact. Generated leads can be followed up by for example the sales department. Lead generation is a way to allow the prospects to come to the company themselves instead of approaching them.

Good to know about B2B content marketing

As companies and technology develop, B2B content marketing is also continuously developing. There are ever more new ways to make content more relevant to prospects.

    • Video marketing
      Video marketing is developing enormously for the B2B market. One would much rather see a video explaining a certain product than reading a textual explanation. In addition, visual content is viewed much faster than text. It is cognitively less strenuous to understand something visual than textual. As good explanations are often lacking, a video can also help in the B2B market to understand the operation of the product. At Jelba we offer video production exclusively for our clients. Here we distinguish six standard formats.
    • Featured snippets
      Featured snippets are 0-positions in Google where an answer is given to a particular question or in which the meaning of a particular keyword is explained. A featured snippet has the highest possible SEO rating. Experience shows that about 40% of all search traffic clicks on the featured snippet. Good content and answer to the search will ensure that your website can end up in a featured snippet.
    • E-mail marketing
      Even after the introduction of the GDPR, email is still a powerful tool to inform customers and prospects. It is important to build up a large address file in order to create a wide reach. Furthermore, it is important that the content you give to the reader is interesting. Make sure that important information stands out, do not put too much text in newsletters and put something relevant as subject.

B2B content marketing at Jelba

B2B content marketing is of great importance to convince potential customers of your products and services. Writing relevant content is a profession, something that we at Jelba do every day and what we are specialized in. We write and produce content and ensure that the content is up-to-date according to the latest SEO standards. Are you curious about our approach? We would like to get in touch with you.