Dealer Marketing program: what is that?

More revenue via your dealers

A possible part of the B2B online marketing activities that Jelba carries out for your company is the dealer marketing program. We take care of part of the B2B online marketing of your dealers in order to increase the sales of your products online via the dealer. That creates a win-win situation. You see an increase in sales of your product and your dealers will attract more customers.

The dealer marketing program is particularly advisable if you are not focused on direct sales via your own B2B webshop or if you want to prevent your own online marketing activities from undermining your dealers. In this article we explain how the dealer marketing program works and what its benefits are.

What is a dealer marketing program?

A dealer marketing program is an online marketing program where we, together with you as manufacturer, will focus on your dealers. This means that Jelba’s B2B experts support your dealers in their B2B online marketing. The objective is to increase the requests for your products at your dealers. This therefore only relates to your products. Needless to say, we meanwhile continue our marketing activities that are focused on your own B2B e-commerce and website.

In order to convince your dealers to participate in the dealer marketing program it is important to convey the big advantage for them in a clear way: free support for online marketing activities which will result in more traffic and turnover. In addition, it is important to give the dealer a feeling of exclusivity. When a dealer joins the dealer marketing program he can for example get the name ‘Premium Dealer’.

You decide yourself which conditions dealers must meet before they can participate in the dealer marketing program. It goes without saying that not every dealer in your dealer network can take part in the dealer marketing program. After all, you want to prevent your dealers from competing with each other. You can also choose for example, to focus the marketing program on other products or product groups per dealer.

Components of a dealer marketing program

How does such a dealer marketing program look precisely? A dealer marketing program is made up of various components with which you on one hand, promote your own brand and products, and on the other hand increase the sales of your products through your dealers. Below we explain all (possible) parts of the dealer marketing program.

Your name on the website of the dealer and vice versa

The online marketing activities we carry out for your dealers are free. All they need to do is provide their cooperation. What do we then ask for in return? The only thing we expect from your dealers is that they dedicate a page on their website to your brand. The text and layout of this page is entirely provided by Jelba. This way your name is always represented on the website of the supplier of your products. We will make sure that this information always stays up-to-date. Likewise, we will also set up a page on your own website that contains information about the dealers who participate in the dealer program.

Always the right product information on the website of your dealer

We notice that both the quality and quantity of the product information on the websites of dealers are often inadequate. Part of the dealer marketing program is therefore to support the dealers in providing information about your products in their web shops. This can be done through a feed or by providing texts to your dealers. A link with your PIM system is also possible. Additionally, we ensure that your name is mentioned on the product pages so customers can always contact you if they want more information about your products.

Collective (regional) online marketing

Jelba carries out some joint marketing campaigns for your dealers, meaning campaigns that mention both your own name and the name of the relevant dealer. The landing page of these campaigns will always be the dealer’s webshop. The online marketing campaigns will be launched in various forms: text ads, display ads, Google Shopping ads, et cetera. Remarketing can also be part of this. You can expect the quality and results that you are used to from us. To prevent two or more of your dealers from fishing in the same pond, we can direct the online marketing campaigns to a specific region or target group.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is also part of the dealer program. This can be used in three different ways. Firstly, we can provide input for the periodical newsletter of your dealer in the form of knowledge base articles on your website. This way we distinguish your brand as the expert in your field, not only at your dealers but also at the end users. Secondly, we send a newsletter to your dealers on your behalf, so that your dealers are kept informed of your activities and other news. Thirdly, we welcome the dealers who participate in the dealer marketing program in your own periodic newsletter to inform your own customers and to motivate even more dealers to participate in your dealer marketing program.

Social media

Likewise, we can also do what we do in terms of email marketing for the social media of your dealers. This means that we can supply content for your dealers social media posts which profile you as expert manufacturer / producer. Furthermore, we will distribute information about your dealers on your own social media channels.

Knowledge and training

We share knowledge with your dealers through your website content we created. We also take an extra step here. Training is also an important part of the dealer marketing program. In order for the marketing program of your dealers to function optimally it is important that your dealers gain more knowledge about your products and processes, but also about online marketing. Internet training, webinars, and e-learning are examples of training that we can use for this. Organizing knowledge sessions for your dealers or potential dealers is also possible, as well as a joint visit with the end users. Together with you we will set up the training. For each manufacturer we also make an animation that the representatives of the company can use in discussions with the dealers to explain the program.  

Sharing of success

Your dealer will receive a dealer management report once a quarter. This way we want to make the results of the dealer marketing program transparent for everyone. The successes that you book with your dealer thanks to the dealer marketing program will be clearly visible not only for you, but for your dealer as well. This will motivate all parties to continue the upward trend.

The advantages of dealer marketing in a nutshell

  • More demand for your products at your dealers
  • Maximum usage of online marketing without competing with your own dealers
  • More insights into the behaviour of end users
  • Closer connection with your dealers (including higher fun factor)
  • The correct information about your company and products everywhere
  • Support for the online marketing activities of your dealers without their or your effort
  • More awareness for you, your products and your dealers within the industry

Jelba and the dealer marketing program

To remain a leading player in B2B online marketing, B2B E-commerce and B2B lead generation we are active with technology and target groups to achieve the best result (more business via online channels) for our clients on a daily basis. Our clients reach a big part of professional buyers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany every day. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in the field of B2B online marketing and therefore also in dealer marketing programs and dealer marketing. Are you interested in implementing a dealer marketing program in your company? Or would you like to know more about the dealer marketing program? Then contact one of Jelba’s B2B experts.

If you have other questions about B2B online marketing you can reach us via phone under 030 – 227 14 23 or via mail at If you would like to use this article in your own publication, please ask us for permission and of course provide a source reference with a link to this article. We are also thinking of our own SEO position.

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