B2B Webshop Marketing

As an entrepreneur you naturally want a successful B2B webshop. Combined with increasing qualitative visits and loyal customers every day. B2B webshop marketing is essential for that. However, successful B2B webshop marketing starts with the basics. Are you distinctive, is the target group defined, do you know what the competition does and most importantly, are you found online easily?

B2B webshop marketing is the umbrella term for all the tools that can be used to bring your online shop to the attention of potential customers. Think of the use of a social campaign on LinkedIn or Facebook, e-mail marketing, blogging, SEO, Google AdWords et cetera.

By applying the right mix of tools your B2B webshop will be better found, score better and increase conversions.

Why is B2B webshop marketing important?

What if you don’t do it? There is a big chance that only your regular customers will order via this channel. Of course this can also be one of the goals of your B2B webshop. The approach is then much more on direct efficiency instead of attracting new potential customers. Online marketing today is labor-intensive, with growing expertises no longer possible to reduce to one person.

What is the impact of B2B webshop marketing?

The great thing about online marketing is that you can always measure whether your action has led to the desired result. This kind of revenue marketing is especially interesting for webshop marketing. After all, the goal is to turn every view into a purchase. You have the opportunity to set up the visitor behavior in such a way that you can find out which impact each invested euro had. The outdated marketing principle “spray and pray” is a thing of the past. Measuring means knowledge. Hence, measuring and analyzing marketing activities is an essential part of the continuous process of improving your B2B webshop.

What do I have to do?

The best B2B webshop marketing starts with an online positioning and/or digital growth strategy. Here, it is very important that you know what and how your potential customer searches on the internet. Do not make any assumptions here, rather use facts. The behavior of todays’ professional buyer is changing rapidly. The time when it was sufficient to simply read from or send out your brochure is over. 

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