Industry Special approach within the manufacturing and process industry


Suppliers to the manufacturing industry and process industry have to deal with long lists of technical specifications, which are used by buyers to select their products. The biggest challenge is making these product specifications understandable and findable. It is also important that your solutions, as manufacturing supplier, to the technological issues faced by the professional user of these products appear in the results of searches by the potential customer of both these issues and your solution. There are lots of opportunities for B2B manufacturers to be found online, and the internet can also facilitate subsequent product selection. The fact that this sector often lags behind online also offers opportunities; to both you and your competitors. Manufacturing suppliers who are now able to gain a position online will soon be unbeatable. Among our other activities, we are active in the metalworking industry for Dormer Pramet, SlijpExpert, Cellro and These manufacturers of tungsten carbide drills, grinding wheels, robots and band saws for the metalworking industry are typical examples of why our approach in the manufacturing sector is successful.

Online marketing in the industry

Almost half of the industrial sector in the Netherlands does not sell its products through online channels. Only 36% of industrial companies in the Netherlands have an online shop. This while it is essential to be present online. Wondering how you perform online marketing in the industry?

Online marketing in other B2B sectors

Read more about the state of online marketing in logistics and transport, find interesting information about online marketing in construction and installation or find out what the opportunities are in terms of online marketing in the agricultural sector. Jelba’s experts will be happy to talk to you about this.

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