B2B Marketing agency

It’s not always easy to find a good B2B marketing agency. Lots of marketing agencies focus on the consumer market as well as B2B, which means they are less specialised in a single area. B2B marketing is a different ball game to B2C marketing, because B2B often involves large sums when a product is purchased. In addition, B2B buyers often inform themselves in more depth, and the purchase process in this segment takes longer. A good B2B marketing agency is therefore crucial to make sure potential buyer are informed and convinced as well as possible.

Am I suitable for B2B marketing?

At Jelba, we believe that marketing is very important for every company, and particularly so for B2B companies. Even more emphatically, we are great believers in Smarketing. 95-98% of professional buyers acquire information online. Prospects who look for information and don’t find what they’re expecting, immediately lose interest, so it’s important is to keep the buyer’s attention. In this aspect, B2B marketing is essential. Is it actually easy to find you on Google in the first place? Or better still, are you in the first position? Is your content relevant? Do you have any data about the type of buyers who visit your website? If you are considering carrying out marketing, or already in the process of doing so, these are questions you need to ask yourself If you recognise yourself in the following descriptions, then you need good B2B marketing.

  • We don’t know enough about what our target group is looking for: Companies often make assumptions about what the target group wants, what it’s looking for, and how it’s looking for it. Data is the number 1 tool here, because data lets us know exactly what’s going on. Although some are surprised to hear this, companies say that they get much more relevant results on Google if they adapt their activities according to data. B2B marketing must be based on factual data, and respond to it.
  • We’re not visible on Google: SEO (search engine optimisation) is just as important as all the marketing work. The effort you put into creating a website, setting up a B2B e-store or writing an article can all be for nothing if it doesn’t appear in a prominent position on Google. A study by Chitika showed that 92% of all clicks in Google are on the first page of results, so if you don’t appear on the first page your chances of attracting visitors are meagre.
  • We don’t distinguish ourselves from the competition: This is a very common problem. There’s a lot of competition and everyone wants to be number 1, so it’s important to emphasise where you differ. Content marketing, SEA and SEO are crucial in distinguishing the character of your organisation from competitors. Clear online positioning is also important.
  • We don’t know enough about B2B and other marketing activities: Some companies indicate that they do a bit of marketing themselves, without really knowing what they’re doing. This is a waste of time and energy, and doesn’t deliver results! Quality, professional marketing is the way to respond to all kinds of opportunities, and for this you need a specialist B2B marketing agency.

B2B marketing agency: tips

If you’re looking for a B2B marketing agency, there are a number of important factors you should pay attention to:

  • Search for a B2B specialist

    Make sure the marketing agency is a specialist in the B2B-segment. Lots of agencies specialise in various segments, but this can dilute the quality of the work and expertise because different strategies (B2B and B2C) have to be used. B2B and B2C focus on different areas; for example, the B2B customer is not necessarily the consumer. In this context, building up a customer relationship is also important, as B2B buyers tend to favour long-term suppliers. In the B2C segment, consumers tend to be more spontaneous, in contrast to B2B customers. It’s important, therefore, to look at the marketing agency’s level of expertise in the B2B segment.

  • Pay attention to inbound marketing expertise

    Inbound marketing Inbound marketing is very important in the B2B sector. The days of cold calling and physically visiting customers are over. Just look at Google; if you search ‘cold calling’, the results are overwhelmingly negative. Outbound marketing is therefore not associated as something positive. These days, both consumers and professional buyers take the time to inform themselves and make careful decisions. You come over as professional if you present your content and products logically, offer enough substantive information, and keep everything up-to-date. Professionals gain more confidence in you if you answer their queries, or direct them to what they are looking for. Inbound marketing is about attracting visitors by providing quality content and services. As a result, you will acquire customers automatically.

  • Look at existing clients

    If you are going to approach a B2B marketing agency, it’s a good idea to study the clients already served by the agency. If your sector is included, it’s a sign that the marketing agency already has experience in your area of business. On the other hand, if your sector is not included, it’s not necessarily a reason to reject a marketing agency, but you should certainly take it into account. Marketers with experience in a certain sector are more likely to be come up with tips and initiatives.

How many companies use a B2B marketing agency?

MMedium-sized companies with on average more than 100 employees structurally outsource their marketing. Large companies often have in-house marketing departments, and the resources to manage them. SMEs are the largest users of marketing agencies, and also indicate that online activities are vital for their businesses. They also indicate that B2B online marketing is important for sales, and taking over from traditional sales methods. These days, sales reps can no longer simply sit down at the table with a brochure and a potential customer. Buyers have always been on the lookout for opportunities, and internet searches has only made this easier. Online marketing is therefore crucial, and more and more SMEs are choosing to outsource online marketing. Recently, Jelba carried out a survey on this. The main reasons for this are:

  • B2B online marketing is becoming increasingly complex. A range of specialist knowledge is required, and this is beyond the scope of 1 or 2 marketers.
  • The importance of B2B online marketing on turnover is rapidly increasing. Traditional sales methods (cold calling, trade fairs, physical mailings, advertising in trade media) are becoming less effective and less profitable. Potential customers are increasingly turning to online channels, even in traditional B2B markets.
  • Online marketing is not a core business. Companies don’t really know where to start, the direction they should take, and who within the company could do the work required by the online marketing strategy. Cheaper and more focused. Outsourcing has the additional advantage of reducing risk for the company, and requests for results can be better defined.
  • Creativity in campaigns. Companies often have marketing experience with trade shows and printed media, but lack knowledge and experience when it comes to online campaigns.

If you’d like to read more about this survey, please click here.

Jelba as your B2B marketing agency

You are aware that there are online opportunities for your company, and that 95 to 98% of professional buyers search online. You also want to increase turnover with new and existing customers through online campaigns. As a specialist in B2B lead generation, B2B e-commerce and B2B Online Marketing in the building, manufacturing, transport and logistics sectors, we are very well aware that building a website or e-store and keeping it up-to-date is a huge challenge. We formulate a digital growth strategy, build the website, and then operate it through effective online marketing.

All Jelba’s B2B internet experts act as the online marketing department for the client. We are colleagues, and act accordingly. If you want to take maximum advantage of the digital opportunities in B2B, and come on board with a minimum of risk, then Jelba is your partner. You will have your own online marketing department for less than the price of 1 FTE. Our fee is based on results = more turnover. We GET IT DONE!

If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to collega@jelba.nl.