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Newcomer Jelba highest ranking in Emerce 100 list

Every year the Emerce 100 is published with the best E-business companies in the Netherlands. In this annual edition of Emerce, they publish the results of decision makers working in the field of online marketing, ICT and e-business, who have assessed the performance of service providers in the e-business and marketing industry over the past year.

The research consists of five areas: Agencies, E-business services, Media & Advertising, Software and Venture. The image research was conducted by research agency Motivaction, enriched with other relevant market data from Emerce.

Jelba gets a 5-star rating!

In the Digital Marketing Agencies category there are only 7 companies with the highest rating of 5 stars. As a newcomer to this list, Jelba is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Netherlands. An achievement to be proud of.

Unique approach of Jelba

Jelba is increasing online revenue for B2B companies by developing, implementing and running digital sales channels. The B2B company was founded in May 2015 by Arwen Obermeyer and Bart Strijker and has since expanded to 20 employees with their own offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Jelba is market leader in industry, transport & logistics and construction and installation. At the time, Obermeyer and Strijker wanted to get rid of the hourly billing model and be the online marketing department for their clients to generate extra turnover through the use of online channels.

“This approach has proven itself and is the success of our growth. A high ranking in the Emerce 100 is a nice appreciation,” says Arwen Obermeyer and Bart Strijker.

For more information on the full survey of Emerce 100, click here.

Jelba in de emerce 100, 2018



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