What is smarketing?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for commercial employees to get the attention of potential buyers at the right time. In B2B companies sales and marketing are getting ever closer related. The new generation of professional buyers does not want to be bothered non-stop with new products or updates. They are the ones that choose the moment to get in contact again. Smarketing responds to this.

Does marketing following sales? Or does sales following marketing?

Traditionally, the cooperation between sales and marketing does not always run smoothly. While marketing is often following sales, now sales is increasingly dependent on marketing for leads. If you want to remain successful as a company then you need to take a critical look at the way your sales people work with the marketers. The time of making traditional brochures and catalogues for the sales people is in the past. Reading from a brochure as a sales person no longer works successfully.

Sale of capital goods is great for smarketing

If you are active with professional capital goods then smarketing applies to you. An optimal dynamic between sellers and marketers ensures maximum opportunities in the digital world. Whether you actively use inbound marketing, account based marketing or marketing automation. In online marketing lead generation the collaboration between sales rep and marketer is crucial for maximum success. The good cooperation between sales and marketing is what we call: smarketing. Rumour has it that Hubspot is seen as the company that used the term smarketing officially for the first time. Smarketing is less important for B2B e-commerce. Since this sale already runs directly through the B2B webshop the salesperson no longer comes in contact with the market.

Smarketing = a combination of sales and marketing

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