What is revenue marketing?

What is revenue marketing?

Revenue marketing is a term that is increasingly mentioned among the decision makers of marketing budgets. The term speaks for itself, it is about the turnover of marketing. In the traditional business and marketing world, sales people talk about sales and marketers about the messages. Here, the marketing department often needs to follow the sales department. That time is over.

While in traditional advertising it remains difficult to see the impact of marketing activities, the new behavior of buyers on the internet and its’ measurability has opened up new possibilities. In companies where marketeers are no longer seen as the executors of the commercial employees, a different dynamic emerges. The right interaction between sales and marketing (also called smarketing) is the basis for revenue marketing.

Revenue marketing increases sales

Marketing generates leads for sales and then sales is responsible to follow up on them. Likewise, marketing needs to continue to deliver increasingly qualitative leads (lead nurturing). Inbound marketing and the use of personalization tools in the field of marketing automation; such as liquid content, A / B testing, account-based marketing all are useful tools for lead nurturing.

Commercial employees can no longer do without revenue marketing employees. It is a fact that every day organizations do more and need to be more creative to catch the attention of the target group with their product at the right time. Meanwhile, sellers have to make more attempts to convert a prospect into a customer. Hence, a fully equipped online marketing department implementing revenue marketing is crucial.   

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