What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation responds to the growing personalisation within online marketing. The need for more leads and transactions from a website or webshop is increasing among companies. In recent years, many systems have come onto the market to further automate marketing activities. This varies from large, extensive systems such as Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot to options within for example Mailchimp, PipeDrive and SalesForce. If marketing automation becomes part of your online marketing activities then a software package is necessary. This is something that fits well within a fully equipped online marketing department.

Why marketing automation?

Every online viewer or buyer is different and shows different online search and ordering behaviour. Analyzing all this data is a profession on its own within online marketing. The correct setting up of triggers to ultimately serve the right message at the personal level is the beginning of automated marketing. It is possible to combine this with A/B testing or liquid content. If marketing automation is just starting our advice is to focus on e-mail first. The advantage of this is the conversion of concrete search behaviour to direct campaigns. Automation aims to make processes or working methods scalable, so that it achieves a positive effect on effectiveness and results.

Important steps for marketing automation:

It is always useful to take the following steps when setting up marketing automation.

  • Make sure a customer leaves data behind. If you are working with IP verification, we still advise you to stimulate e-mail addresses. This can be done via request or download modules. Enhanced profile data is the basis for success in marketing automation.
  • Link the behavior to the e-mail account and activate triggers on it. Examples of triggers are “customer has been active in shopping cart but has not placed an order”, “customer has closed 1st order”, “customer has requested x so y is also interesting”, et cetera.
  • If this is well organized in the system then it is time to combine marketing automation with online marketing communication. Online marketers can develop and use messages for the triggers. This process repeats itself automatically when someone shows certain behaviour again. The result is a complex structure of messages on behaviour but maximally personalized and automated.

The effect of these steps is more online sales. So more leads and more transactions.

If you want to know more about marketing automation and all the possibilities please contact us. Jelba knows how to score quality leads and transactions for its B2B customers through the use of digital channels and has a lot of experience with marketing automation.

Do you have additions or remarks about marketing automation? Let us know and send an e-mail to collega@jelba.nl. Thanks in advance.