What is conversion optimisation?

Only 2% of the visitors of a webshop make a purchase. Add to this the fact that 95 to 98% of the B2B buyers first orientate themselves online and then you know how much turnover you miss. Conversion optimisation is improving the web pages to increase conversions. As the paid search traffic is becoming more expensive it is important to get more revenue from the current customers and the existing web traffic.

What do I start with?

Measuring is knowing. So start by analysing the current behaviour of the visitors. If you know how they use the page and where they drop out, the page can be adjusted accordingly. By thinking carefully about the thresholds the page has you can optimise the page in advance to convert. The adjustments are made based on the result of analyses of the recorded the actions of visitors.

How do I do it?

Once you know that you want to customize a specific page you want to know where the visitor gets stuck. Three things are important here; how did the visitor get to your page (source); what purpose does the visit serve; where does the visitor quit. If you know these three you can adjust the page accordingly. Try to think from the visitor’s perspective and what he would like to see differently. By trying this out and putting the numbers next to each other you can see what works better. If it doesn’t work, try again in a different way. Keep analyzing the page. In addition to Google Analytics, Hotjar, Semrush and Moz are also interesting tools for data.

Continuous process

Conversion optimisation is therefore not something one-time. After removing a threshold, a new threshold is created. You are therefore continuously working on optimising the pages to the users.

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