What is A/B testing?

Websites are increasingly used as sales channel for lead generation and transactions. This means that the website is becoming increasingly important within an organization. Optimising the website has become a daily task for online marketers. It continuously needs to be asked: what works and what doesn’t? A-B testing is a suitable method commonly used within online marketing.

This quantitative research method is used to effectively test various buttons or elements of a web page or e-mail to different target groups. Online marketers often start from the original page (version A) and a variant of the original (version B). The data for version A is known and by collecting data from version B, the differences are visible. If version B provides more conversions, leads and transactions, this is the convincing proof to optimize the website.

By implementing A-B testing internal discussion about what is nice and not nice are in the past and should no longer belong in an effective online marketing department. Beautiful is a matter of taste and here the house style manual guides decisions. Optimising web pages is not about taste but about effectiveness. A/B testing gives substance to this.

There are various software tools to do A/B testing. A frequently used tool is Optimizely but also within Hotjar or Google there are enough possibilities to get started. Take a look at our technology page to get an idea of what tools we use every day to let our customers get the maximum benefit from more leads and transactions.

If you want to know more about A/B testing and all the possibilities please contact us. Jelba knows hot to score quality leads for its B2B customers through the use of digital channels and has a lot of experience with A/B testing.