What are featured snippets?

What are featured snippets?

A featured snippet directly answers a visitor’s question. In the Google search bar more and more searches are entered as questions. Google would like to respond by immediately giving the answer. This display is called a featured snippet and has the highest possible SEO listing. Google positions these snippets at position: zero. Hence, with a featured snippet you are at the very top. We know from experience that these featured snippets realize about 40% of the organic website traffic. In short: indispensable for an inbound marketing strategy.

Which sentences do featured snippets start with?

Featured Snippets start with a question and answer the question with a few short sentences. Do you also want to start getting Featured Snippets? Start your content with one of the following opening sentences:

  • What is..?
  • How does .. work?
  • Who is..?
  • Et cetera

An example of a featured snippet?

Of course we at Jelba also have the focus of getting featured snippets for our clients and ourselves. Attached you can see an example. In Google one searches for the term “revenue marketing” and types in “what is revenue marketing?”. As you see in the image, Google answers the search directly with an answer to the question. That is the snippet with the position zero. Below the featured snippet you can see the first organic position. You can hence conclude that everyone in The Netherlands looking for “revenue marketing” lands on the right page at Jelba.nl.

Voorbeeld Featured Snippet

Jelba and featured snippets

Wat zijn Featured Snippets?To remain a leading player in B2B online marketing, B2B E-commerce and B2B lead generation, we are active with technology and target groups to achieve the best result (more business via online channels) for our clients on a daily basis. Our clients reach a big part of professional buyers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany every day. We would be happy to share our knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing and thus featured snippets. If you have other questions about B2B online marketing or featured snippets you can reach us via phone under 030 – 227 14 23 or via mail at collega@jelba.nl. If you would like to use this article in your own publication, please ask us for permission and of course provide a source reference with a link to this article. We are also thinking of our own SEO position.