Results matter more than hours

To Jelba results are more important than the number of hours worked. We do not believe in the hour-invoice (uurtje-factuurtje) model but want to prove to the customer that our work really results in extra turnover. Ultimately, our customers do not want a B2B webshop or B2B website but rather leads and transactions. Of course, you need an excellent online platform and experts who can run leading online marketing campaigns. But this is not an end in itself. It’s always about the result.

When Jelba was 1 year old it already was clear that the B2B market needed action, not words. We have achieved this by enormous online growth of our clients. Since then, our clients have strengthened their online positioning enormously – some of them are no longer even able to handle the requests thanks to their success. We explain why we go for results and not for the classic hour-invoice model.

The difference between hourly invoice and going for results

Many (B2B) marketing agencies invoice the customer for hours worked. For example, writing a blog takes 3 hours, this is charged and the blog is put online. This repeats itself when adjustments have to be made to the website. Coming up with and executing an online campaign stands for 5 hours and setting up a Google Ads campaign alone is 8 hours.

The entire organization is set up on hour estimates and charging the client. The danger with the hour-invoice model is that the tasks are often done because of the money. This does not always deliver the most added value for the customer. The advisory role of a marketing agency is also often lost in this model. If the customer wants something, an estimate of hours is made and if approved carried out. Though, estimating hours is often difficult and is based on personal perspective. To be honest, there is also often a tendency to round it up. After all, it is the source of income for many service providers. Often, it also happens that with this model little is done about the analysis of the results. Therefore, data-driven marketing falls short. Basically, the hours are sold, the tasks are performed and the money is earned.

If the revenue model is based on making (more) hours: why worry or make things faster and smarter? In fact: don’t we use all the arguments to make more hours? Marjon Vermeulen (Managing director business development at Garansys) recently wrote a good article on this subject. She says that in practice she often hears things like: “it’s just very complex and therefore takes a lot of time like a fait accompli”. She further states “

I think that the hour system leads to people to work on an hourly basis, even though I believe that in their hearts they strive to improve results.”

We share the assumption of Marjon and that is why since our foundation more than 3 years ago we at Jelba take a very different approach.

Jelba has a different point of view

At Jelba we look at what is needed but also what is not needed. If certain online activities do not contribute to growth for the customer they will not be carried out. This way, the most optimal results are achieved. Unlike most B2B marketing agencies (we don’t call ourselves an agency either) we want to generate growth through online channels. Our result based business model leads our B2B experts to be motivated intrinsically. They are responsible for our thinking and actions to show that online marketing is an enormous added value for a B2B company.

Performance based is not yet a result

Arwen Obermeyer, co-founder Jelba explains: “Of course there are many companies active in the field of online marketing claiming to be performance based, but that doesn’t guarantee results. Often the performance is measured by clicks, leads and/or traffic. Without any guarantee that you attract the right people, realize the right clicks or a get a request that leads to business. We know that companies don’t want just anyone and don’t want to waste time on following up worthless leads. Companies want business. Turnover. Trade. Especially the type of companies we serve, Industry, Logistics, Construction, Agri, Installation and Technology, are looking for the right buyers, professionals. Professionals who become and remain real customers. Many people ask us whether it is not a big risk to be paid on results but if you believe that you can deliver real results, you have to have the courage to stand up for that. And so far, we have succeeded perfectly.

What are the advantages of focusing on results?

  • Results are proof of effectiveness, hours are not
    Certain online marketing activities can be carried out and then removed from the to-do list. That does not mean that it is really effective. Also, the number of hours that are put in does not say anything about the value. It may be that a good blog is written in a few hours and other times it takes longer. The hour-invoice model has the danger that the activities to be performed must always be stopped within the estimated time. This in turn can affect the performance of the customer’s website/webshop. When paying based on result model, online marketing activities are continuously optimized and so the results are increased daily.
  • Balance between the client and the marketing agency
    It is not always easy to properly estimate the hours of the task to be performed. Yet there are many companies that agree to time estimates from marketing agencies. This estimate is often subjective and may differ from reality. In addition, the client would prefer the task to be performed as quickly as possible while the agency wants to write as many hours as possible. This creates a disturbed balance between the agency and its client. The Jelba model solved this problem. Fixed agreements are made and we will do as much as possible in a month to realize the growth. Every month we also send a digital business report in which we share the growth and what we will focus on the next month. So the client is able to sees if the online marketing activities work or not, and how exactly we are going to tackle it.
  • Motivating for the employees
    Checkmarking hours and performing pure tasks is not stimulating for the employee. This can make him/her very unmotivated. Tasks are performed purely because they have to and not because they contribute something. Sometimes employees do things that go against their principles or expertise. It is much more stimulating for an employee to see that he/she has contributed to growth than the number of hours worked. We believe that this way of working brings out the best in your employees.

Results in practice

Our clients are all improving their online positioning to a great extend. This results in more brand awareness, more turnover from existing customers and growth in the number of new customers. To get a better picture of this, we have described our approach and the result for a number of clients. Read the success story of each customer on our ‘clients‘ page.

Jelba charges based on results, not hours

Bart Strijker, co-founder: “Our path has been crystal clear from the start. We know which sectors we want to work for and for which types of companies we achieve the best results. Our approach has also remained clear since we were founded. Not only for us but also for our clients. We do not need a long story to explain what our essence is”.  Arwen Obermeyer adds: “Our people are just as happy as their colleagues at the client when a robot, a grinding wheel or a saw is sold or requested via the online channels. That’s the dynamic we had in mind from the start. I am very proud of that”.

Jelba and B2B marketing

We at Jelba specialize in the B2B sectors: Agri, Transport & Logistics, Construction and Installation and Industry. This distinguishes us from many other (B2B) marketing agencies. Would you like to know more about how you can grow in your B2B sector? Do not hesitate to contact us. By means of a careful digital analysis we provide insight into your chances. We do this on our own account. If there is potential we will be happy to work with you.


The goal of all our clients is to achieve more turnover via the Internet. We ensure that they succeed in this mission.  If you are a B2B company, we would like to provide insight into your online opportunities without obligation. And give you advice on where you stand in relation to your competitors. Click here to request this scan.