Outsourcing of online marketing increasing among SME’s

It is common knowledge that medium-sized companies (100 employees +) structurally outsource online marketing activities. Well-known organizations such as Gartner or Forrester investigate this with some regularity and it remains as popular as ever. Larger companies based on the number of employees (500+) often have a complete online marketing department and only outsource specialist tasks. Specific B2B online marketing activities are handled in-house. With the addition that setting up licenses is outsourced.


In the first quarter of 2017, Jelba conducted a survey among more than 100 SMEs active in the B2B sector. Among this group was investigated to what extent they choose to independently perform the online related marketing tasks in-house or to what extent they want to outsource them.

Online marketing is becoming increasingly important for business

From the reactions it was striking that SMEs fully endorse the importance of online activities for the business. We have listed the most frequently heard reactions from directors and/or owners to outsource online marketing for you.

  • Complexity of B2B online marketing is increasing. Various specialist knowledge is needed and can no longer be combined in 1 or 2 persons.
  • Importance of B2B online marketing is increasing rapidly for turnover. Traditional sales methods are becoming less effective and profitable (cold calling, trade fairs, physical mailings, advertising in trade media). Potential customers are orienting themselves more and more via online channels. Also in traditional B2B markets.
  • Online marketing is not a core business. Companies don’t really know where to start, what direction to take or who within the company could do the work resulting from the online marketing strategy.
  • Cheaper and more focused. An additional advantage of outsourcing is that there is less risk for the own company and that it can be asked for results in a more targeted way.
    Goedkoper en gerichter. Uitbesteden heeft als bijkomend voordeel dat er minder risico is voor de eigen onderneming en gerichter gevraagd kan worden naar resultaten.
  • Creativity in campaign. Companies often have marketing experience with exhibitions and print but the knowledge and experience with online campaigns is lacking.

We have also asked this group which tasks they prefer to outsource. The following results were obtained:

Marketing uitbesteden neemt toe | Jelba Nieuws

Bron: Onderzoek Jelba onder 100 MKB bedrijven in de B2B

The following answers were given to the question whether insourcing Online marketing would be a strategic option:

  • Yes, this is certainly an option for us, our online activities are limited and we focus on physical customer contact: 5%.
  • Yes, we have this ambition but we see this investment in people and technology in the longer term: 8%.
  • Yes, we have this ambition but we will only invest in online when our ERP and DWM systems are completely in order: 5%
  • No, it is not an option because people with the necessary experience and training are scarce in this region: 37%.
  • No, it is not an option because we cannot make such a department profitable at the moment. It requires different expertise and experienced leadership in that field to run such a department. 41%
  • I don’t know: 4%


Based on these results among 100 SMEs, the trend is similar to that of the larger companies. B2B Marketing online is becoming increasingly important as part of regular business operations. Organising this specialism independently within the own company is not attractive and the SMEs that want to play an active role in online marketing choose to outsource.

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