Success has no limits: the never-ending B2B marketing strategy

Latest update: 20 May 2021

Online success is easy to measure. Every specialist knows this, certainly in B2B online marketing. You can therefore always maximise your success in the online world. Because once that dot on the horizon has been reached, a new one will present itself. So it is more effective to set infinite goals instead of finite ones. Timeless.

A budget is often set for an online marketing campaign. Your advertisement is then discontinued as soon as the budget has been used up. What a shame! Because after that, you are no longer visible, while the demand side (relevant searchers and potential buyers) remains active online. And you only pay when your target group searches with keywords that are relevant to you, on two conditions: 1) you know how much you can invest in a new customer and 2) your campaign is properly optimised. Once you have established this, there is no harm in letting your online marketing campaign run indefinitely. What’s more, you will ensure maximum online success. That is the essence of the infinite B2B marketing strategy.

As a B2B Online Specialist, Jelba knows this like no other. Every day, we work on the growth of our B2B clients. Our path is crystal clear. Like the caterpillar in our logo, we are always hungry for more online growth and development. That is in our DNA. But we do go for qualitative growth and a stable undercurrent of leads and orders. Not a one-off growth spurt, but a sustainable (infinite) growth curve. Evergreen, data-driven marketing and B2B online are key words here. Curious about what that looks like in practice? Read this article about the methodology of the infinite B2B marketing strategy.

Always stay active with an “evergreen” B2B marketing strategy

Quality does not become obsolete. Think of the difference between a pair of low-budget shoes and a real leather pair. The former will be worn out within six months, while the latter will last for years. Relatively speaking, the “more expensive” investment is therefore actually more beneficial. The same applies to B2B online marketing. It pays to invest in quality, both in content and in campaigns.

Evergreen content

Evergreen thinking has its roots in content and inbound marketing. This is obviously an essential part of B2B marketing, whether that is lead generation or B2B e-commerce marketing. It positions you as the expert in your field. It also leads visitors to your B2B website or B2B webshop. After all, in the end it’s all about leads and orders. A cornerstone article is a fine example of evergreen content. It is already in the name: you can literally build on it. From this article, you can create other, smaller articles. This creates a chain of content on your website. Of course, it is important to always optimise and update this content. That is what we do on our Jelba website. The core, however, is solid as a rock. That way, content continues to deliver results in the long term, and you are always up-to-date.

Evergreen campagnes

Evergreen campaign marketing is a derivative of evergreen content. The big difference with content is that it involves direct campaign investments (=money).

At Jelba, we strongly believe that continuous B2B marketing ultimately delivers much more than project-driven marketing. This starts with the design of the campaigns.

In order to obtain a stable undercurrent of leads or orders, it is advisable to first activate the so-called “evergreen campaigns”. With these, you collect targeted data with a keyword with volume that is always relevant and therefore structural for you. Basically, these are campaigns that do not respond to a hype or trend, but know the principle of “always on”. If this is the case, it is a good idea to activate theme, season or trend campaigns and to consider continuing these on a weekly or monthly basis, based on the results.

Budget thinking is outdated

Evergreen campaigns can therefore stay on forever. As long as you optimise and adapt them in time. So it is infinite, but you need to get a grip on the investments and the results. This is a crucial part of successfully rolling out an infinite marketing strategy. With an infinite B2B marketing strategy, thinking in terms of budget is passé. Of course, budget remains important. However, it requires a different approach.

Namely: what can a new customer cost? And what can a new lead cost? How big is the chance that a new customer will place a repeat order? What is the margin per type of product? What is the average order value? These are all questions that are relevant for mapping out the right investment in relation to the intended returns. The answers to these questions are then translated into the campaigns by the online experts. This is going too far for this article to explain, but feel free to contact one of our data & paid experts.

The principle of an evergreen marketing strategy is at the heart of the calculation of the so-called CPA.

CPA (cost per acquisition) is the new budget thinking

If you know what a lead or an order may cost, you have calculated your CPA in the basic sense. For our B2B clients, we maximise evergreen campaigns at 90% visibility, as the remaining 10% requires too high an investment. Even if you are at a healthy CPA. But well, that’s our game and for us the beauty of the sport. In the end, as B2B online marketing department of our clients, we try to apply the principle of “the winner takes all” and in this component, data driven marketing is crucial.

We calculate the CPA in detail using various methods. Here we make a difference between B2B lead generation and B2B e-commerce. If you would like more insight into this, please contact Bart Strijker (lead generation) or Jules Wolfis (e-commerce).

The parallel with a stand at the fair

For many B2B companies, it is a given to be at the trade fair. Now let’s apply the CPA reasoning to this. Then the methodology soon becomes clear. Just think: a stand at a large trade fair can easily cost 10,000 euros. If you get 50 leads from this trade fair and ultimately 5 customers, that is the equivalent of 200 euros per lead, with a CPA of 2,000 euros. Suppose you have to pay cash for each person, lead, that you speak to at your stand instead of 10,000 euros in advance. In this example, you would then pay each lead 200 euros after each call. “Thanks for your interest and here’s 200 euros.” That feels crazy, but if you have your data very much in focus and you are fishing in the right pond, CPA thinking also works at a trade show. The big difference: the trade show is finite and online always goes on and so does the flow of leads. See here the advantage of the infinite B2B marketing strategy on the Internet.

The infinite B2B marketing strategy of Jelba

Jelba always goes for growth. That’s in our DNA. Our B2B online marketers develop beautiful evergreen campaigns, our B2B content editors write relevant cornerstone articles and Google Ads knows no secrets for our ad specialists. Are you also aiming for infinite growth with your B2B company? Come talk to us and see what we can do for you!

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