Feed Marketing: The indispensable help for B2B webshops

Feed marketing helps you with automatically passing on product information. If you have a B2B webshop with a large assortment, you probably know how difficult it is to optimally implement product-oriented campaigns. Prices and descriptions can change regularly, hence manually tracking these via various sales platforms is a long and work-intensive project. The solution: feed marketing. In this article we will explain why we work with feed marketing at Jelba.

What is feed marketing?

Feed marketing automatically transfers product data to platforms and comparison websites. Think of Google Shopping, Bol.com, Amazon, Bestlist.nl et cetera. To set up the feed which is called feed management, product data from your webshop is used. Each platform has different requirements on the description of the product, meaning Bol.com for example sets other requirements than Google shopping. Through filling in the feed once, all products for a particular platform can be optimized. But setting up a feed is not easy. The quality of feed set up stands in close relation to its success, hence knowledge about feed management is crucial.

There are various tools available to adequately implement feed marketing. At Jelba we use Channable, amongst others. That is a tool that operates between the B2B webshop of our customer and the platform. Today it is indispensable for the successful execution of a B2B e-commerce strategy. Additionally, it also helps with advertising. If you advertise with multiple products it is important that the most recent information is communicated. If you use a feed, adjustments in your webshop will be automatically implemented on all platforms. When visitors of your B2B webshop have viewed a certain product they will be shown advertisements accordingly.

Advantages of feed marketing

If you have a webshop with a large assortment (more than 400 products), you can no longer do without feed marketing. Automating product information to platforms has several advantages. 

One-off process: Filling in the feed is a one-off process per platform. After filling in the information, every adjustment made in your webshop will be automatically transferred to the platform and current advertisements.

Increased conversions: Next to selling on your own webshop you can also offer your products on other platforms. This can be a platform where your current customers already are. Since your products are offered to several retailers the chance of a sale is considerably increased. Good and functional feed marketing is part of your overall digital growth strategy.

International: Feed marketing makes it possible to relatively easily offer your products on the international market. Amazon offers opportunities in for example Germany and France. If you do  or would like to do business abroad, feed marketing is an important tool. 

New target audiences: It is also possible to reach new target audiences. The platforms which your website is linked to are perhaps more known than your own. This way someone might find your products on Bol.com because they know Bol.com and often buy there but have never heard of your organization. That results in an increase of brand awareness for your company.

3 tips for feed marketing

Tip 1: Pay attention to the input fields. Work accurately and consistent! Platforms such as Google Shopping and Bol.com all set separate requirements for the product information. Make sure that the input fields of each platform are filled in accurately and that there are no strange punctuation marks. Only this way the power of automation comes into being.

Tip 2: Pay attention to duplicate information. Adjust information for each platform separately and ensure that no duplicate information is put into the feed. That looks sloppy and weakens the power of the automatic aspect of feed marketing.

Tip 3: Use good titles and images. With good titles and images your product will stand out from the products of your competitors. This way you can differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Jelba and feed marketing

It is very important to implement this kind of B2B online marketing correctly. That is essential for its’ success. Are you planning to use feed marketing for you B2B webshop and are looking for advies? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We successfully help several clients with online marketing.