Yvonne Kuiper

Project Coordinator | E-mail Marketeer

As a spider (caterpillar!) in the web I take care of overview and order in different projects. My organizational ability comes in handy here. I can use my creativity as an email marketing specialist. Not only do I take care of interesting and apt content, but I am also constantly analyzing results. After all, achieving growth cannot be done without enriching knowledge!

030 - 227 14 23 yvonne@jelba.com

Jelba caterpillar since June 2020

Gets happy from petting dogs

Favorite vacation country is Slovenia

You can wake me for cookie dough

Certificaten & expertises

B2B expert

Project Management

E-mail Marketing


Product Data

E-mail Marketing is part of your B2B online marketing department

Every day we send e-mails for our customers to potential prospects. This is not done in mass, but based on behavior and personalization. Focused and touching something!

E-commerce is part of your B2B online marketing department

The goal is clear. More online transactions in your B2B webshop. The various disciplines to successfully realize this are all part of your B2B online marketing department.

Data Driven Marketing is part of your B2B online marketing department

Due to the increasing number of applications and tools that provide information about user behavior, marketing activities can be better organized. All this collected data forms the basis for your new marketing actions.