Tom Teunissen

Interaction Designer

My passion for design, trends and developments is constantly fuelled at Jelba by coming up with and designing the very best online solutions. As a B2B Interaction Designer I therefore never stand still and there is always a new challenge that I grasp with both hands. With constantly growing knowledge and experience, I guarantee companies a sparkling and functional design. Come on, we are going to make something beautiful out of it together!

030 - 227 14 23

Jelba caterpillar since August 2018

Gets happy from third-degree bad jokes

Is also a metal guitarist

Proud of his beard

Certificaten & expertises

Sketch Master

Google Ads Display

B2B Expert


Campagne design

Corporate identity


Design is part of your B2B online marketing department

What is beautiful? What is ugly? More important is the question: what works? Making web and interactive designs is a profession in its own right. We are proud of what we make, but we can also demonstrate that our designs work.

Conversion optimization is part of your B2B online marketing department

On the mobile phone the phone icon to the top left and on the desktop the number to the top right. Measure, analyse, optimise. A small adjustment can have a big effect.

Online Positioning is part of your B2B online marketing department

How do we position your products and your company online? In other words: what is the core of the organisation and what makes you unique? For all our customers, we jointly create a brand house.eting department.