Jochem Nauw

Stagnation is the same as decline to me. Therefore, I continue to develop myself on a business and personal level. What I find most important about growing, is that you grow with each other. Achieving the best result together with colleagues is the ultimate goal as synergy and mutual growth are the key concepts here! Because of my constant curiosity, I make sure that I am always up-to-date with the latest developments in my field and beyond. Meeting new people energizes me and I am interested in their opinions and stories. I hope to also convey this effect to people around me.

What you probably did not know about Jochem

  • Jelba caterpillar since:January 2017
  • First job:Grocery clerk
  • Also speaks:Grunnings en Drents
  • Would like to live in:A comfortable holiday home in Bali