Jeffrey van der Zalm


I’m a doer, it’s in my blood. That’s why I find it very interesting to take on new challenges and learn a lot from them. Every day I work hard to achieve the best results. As a web designer, I design the most effective digital solutions for your company. Whatever the problem, I’m there to help you and fix it!

030 - 227 14 23

Jelba caterpillar since September 2019

Is also a DJ/producer

Innate talent for bad jokes

On the bucket list: travel to America

Certificaten & expertises

Sketch Master

B2B Expert

Campagne design



Design is part of your B2B online marketing department

What is beautiful? What is ugly? More important is the question: what works? Making web and interactive designs is a specialty. We are proud of what we make, but we can also show that our designs work.

Conversion optimization is part of your B2B online marketing department

On mobile the phone icon to the top left and on desktop the number on the top right. Measure, analyze, optimize. A small adjustment can have a big effect.

Online Positioning is part of your B2B online marketing department

How do we position your products and your company online? In other words: what is the core of the organization and what makes you unique? For all our clients we make a brand house together.