Hester Reitsma

B2B Content Editor

A human being is never done learning. I am convinced of that. Curiosity and creativity: these are important values for me. And that is nicely expressed at Jelba. Writing about innovative products and companies every day. That’s where my love of language comes in handy. Thinking up new perspectives and reaching out to even more people through content. Together we make something beautiful out of it!

030 - 227 14 23 hester@jelba.com

Jelba caterpillar since October 2019

Favorite city is London

Speaks Frisian

Is also a historian

Certificaten & expertises

B2B Expert




Content strategy

Website content

B2B Content Marketing is part of your B2B online marketing department

Why is your product now interesting for potential buyers? B2B Content marketing plays an important role in this. We write it, optimize it and make sure it is found by your potential customers.

B2B SEO is part of your B2B online marketing department

SEO, a magic word. On the 1st page in Google, without paying for it. Who doesn't want this? A lot of expertise is required to make this happen. We make it work.

Conversion optimization is part of your B2B online marketing department

On mobile phone the phone icon to the top left and on desktop the number on the top right. Measure, analyze, optimize. A small adjustment can have a big effect.

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