Arwen Obermeyer

Growth is the cornerstone in my life that everything revolves around. Both personal and business. Learning, developing, doing business and constant improvement is what makes me truly happy. My drive to learn comes from our clients, our company, but also all the people who work with us. From an early age, my parents asked me why I was always rushing forward in life. Always planning, always in flux, always full of energy. That is still the basis of my character. Also part of my character is that I am curious; not just about old and new technology or about how things work, but also to personal motivations and motives of people. By listening closely, you can hear how people are and how you can ensure mutual growth. Furthermore, my parents taught me the power of creativity (my mother is an artist) and commercial thinking (my father was a salesman). As I now know that a cheerful attitude to life, a transparent way of working and a generous smile can also positively influence a joint growth process.

What you probably did not know about Arwen

  • Jelba caterpillar since:Creation
  • Used to be:Student at the preparatory course of the Toneelschool Utrecht
  • Worst side-job:I have always liked everything, truly everything
  • Lives in:Maarssen-Dorp