Speaking "Jelba is a pure B2B internet specialist with experience in the logistics sector. With Jelba, we can detail and accelerate our online ambitions"
Jan Jaap Wiersma Director

Yale is a household name in the world of internal transport logistics. The company has one of the most extensive ranges of materials handling equipment in the world. The name Yale is synonymous with quality, sustainability and innovation. In addition, Yale offers flexible rental options (for both new forklifts and used trucks) and professional service. Yale’s extensive dealer network allows customers throughout the country to benefit from Yale’s quality. The effective approach to the market through B2B lead generation ensures that Yale will continue to be a decisive player in the future.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

The digital strategy is based on the varied range of products, services and in-house knowledge about the logistics market. We attracted end users with an SEO strategy and active campaign with high quality content.

Step 2: Technology

Jelba has built a completely new website for Yale. The design takes into account the brand image of Yale, the user-friendliness and of course the findability of the website. The extensive Yale product range is fully integrated into the website. The products are always up-to-date because of the link with the B2B PIM system. In addition, high-quality lead tooling and analysis software is used to generate maximum business through the various digital channels.

Step 3: Operation

We are continually working on maximising the return from all the digital channels. The potential of this versatile range of products is maximised by a high-quality content-driven strategy. Through the implementation of campaigns aimed at both the public in general and target groups, we increase sales every day. We regularly create and add content so our target group can find us more easily. Video, image and text are the most important components. Transaction times are reduced by continually analysing the behaviour of website visitors and optimising the website.

Results to be proud of

More brand awareness through increased organic growth
Transparent about prices and advice
More requests and transactions
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