Speaking "As an businessman I want to devote my time to my customers. The colleagues at Jelba relieve us of all our worries in the field of B2B online. They understand B2B and are also able to empathise with our target groups. Together we are a good team."
Pieter-Jan Lukas Director

MicFil Filters is a modular ultra-fine filter system that is applied to engines. The filters cut oil consumption and switching time in half, reduce wear on valves, cylinders and pistons and thus minimize the risk of failure. The system is widely used in various types of shipping, fishing and dredging. However, this filter is also a solution in other industries. On the MicFil platform it is extremely easy for a potential customer to find a suitable solution by means of a configuration and clear structure. Micfilters.nl is part of Monitrax. Monitrax is convinced that enough measures can still be taken in and around the existing diesel engines to make them more sustainable. The business activities include a wide range of solutions in the field of monitoring, filtration, emissions and these solutions are mostly implemented in the markets Marine, Offshore and Industry.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

MicFilters.nl consciously opts for a digital strategy to provide users directly with the necessary information. Through a B2B lead generation approach for the filters via a B2B lead generation platform. The growth of relevant website visits through an extensive content and SEA strategy is an important goal. We put the solutions and products in the spotlight when the professional buyer is looking for them. Via configuration the customer can then receive a customised product advice within a few moments. Easy for them and easy for the follow-up by the experts at Micfilters.nl.

Step 2: Technology

The open source technology that has been applied is completely custom made for Micfilter. The design but also the technology to be applied is a custom composition that provides a fast and user-friendly website for lead generation. Content plays the leading role in attracting relevant visitors. Contact is central in the site as conversion. In a friendly way, the potential buyer is enticed to contact or make a request. Configuration is a proven way for people to select their product in their own way. Because we are dealing with capital goods that also needs to be accompanied by personal advice and expertise of the experts at MicFilters.nl, we chose a lead generation model and not a shop. Whatsapp is a widely used communication channel within the shipping industry and has therefore been integrated into the site.

Step 3: Operation

On a daily basis we are active to maximize all digital channels of this platform. Jelba experts from the B2B online marketing department actively campaign to realise requests and transactions for our customer. In the overview on the right you can see a list of these activities. We go for the result and so do our customers. We do. Digitally, every market and every revenue model changes. In the always mobile shipping industry, online orientation enables doing business from anywhere and at any time.

Results to be proud of

Increased brand awareness through organic growth
Transparency about prices and advice
More requests and transactions
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