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Joep Verhoeven Deputy Director

LocisSpotter is the alert service for property managers and owners who want to be informed about the current spatial developments in the immediate surrounding. Every day there are matters that have an effect on the business operations or value of your property. It is a daily task to keep informed of these developments. LocisSpotter is your partner in this. LocisSpotter’s technology keeps an eye on all developments for you. Your own advisor or spotter will check whether this is relevant for you. Always taking into account the effect on your property. They interpret all information. Big advantage? You are never too late to file an objection.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

LocisSpotter goes further than any other standard spatial environment scanner. The combination of software and personal interpretation of the real estate objects is the distinctive character. The basis of the digital strategy and positioning is aimed at real estate owners and managers, so that they quickly get an impression of the tool and subscribe. We use a content driven approach to get seen by the end user when they search for these possibilities online.

Step 2: Technology

LocisSpotter.nl works with a notification tool that effectively retrieves all data from the various databases. This data is linked to the LocisSpotter.nl backbone on location and customer number. The advisors are then notified to indicate this data for the customer and to alert them to possible changes. Each subscriber has their own environment to view the status and updates that apply to the real estate properties in real-time. By using this high quality B2B technology LocisSpotter.nl makes the difference.

Step 3: Execution

On a daily basis we are active to maximise all digital channels for LocisSpotter.nl and its partners. All decisions concerning spatial developments are brought to the attention of existing and potential customers every day by Jelba’s internet experts on behalf of LocisSpotter.nl. We do our utmost in the execution to let LocisSpotter.nl benefit from the digital opportunities.

Results to be proud of

35% growth in number of organic visitors
45% click through rate
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