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Rimmer Hylkema CEO, Founder

The iDuctor is the ultimate tool for precision heating. This electronic tool heats by means of induction technology and is used to release rusty, glued or frozen objects of ferrous metal. Characteristic of induction heating is that mainly the outer structural parts are heated, as opposed to a gas burner that heats everything. Due to the difference in temperature of the structural components, nuts, bolts, spindles and bearings, among other things, can easily be loosened. Within tens of seconds the object is heated in such a way that dismantling is possible! Central message of iDtools is: “Heat it where you need it!”. The iDuctor is safe to use, there is no open fire and can be operated with just one hand! We are proud to make the 100% Dutch iDtools known international online. And to be able to make it successful online as well. In this customer case you can read more about our approach.

Step 1: Digital growth strategy

In our continuous online search, we always want to bring the iDuctor to the attention of the right target group at the right time. In particular, the operation and advantages of the tool are central to all online campaigns. In the B2B Online marketing strategy we make use of the power of B2B Influencers. In this case Fuzz Townshend of Car SOS on Discovery Channel. He is a true ambassador of the iDuctor and also regularly shows the advantages in popular videos. The combination of content, video, campaigns and a good product is the power of the right digital growth strategy.

Step 2: Technology

A lead generation and ordering platform such as iDtools.eu is realised in WordPress with a WooCommerce application. This Open Source software is easy to integrate, improve and expand and can offer a good basis for a structured product presentation and lead generation of this electronic tool. This platform in combination with the most advanced Marketing Automation and analysis software provides a future-proof technological platform.

Step 3: Operation

On a daily basis we are actively working to maximise all digital channels of iDtools. A specific campaign is conducted for dealers as part of the dealer marketing programme, in order to support them in their sales and (online) marketing as much as possible. In addition, we work as an entire B2B Online marketing department of iDtools to generate content requests (leads) from the market via E-mail marketing, Social, SEO and Google Ads.

Results to be proud of

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